Dartmouth Road Event Saturday 10th March - Updates



I think I’ve got an offer of an estate car for moving stuff.

With the police horses present there is an opportunity for keen gardeners to collect manure and take it away. So basically, if anybody would like to shovel shit please let me know!


Our bouncy castle has been booked!

WOOHOO it’s for adults too so I can have a go on it & @Michael too :hugs::hugs:

@Michael booked this today & I booked the Marquee, stage, etc today

We’ve almost done our busy work now, time to enjoy it on the day!

We will still be busy on the day, but can enjoy it with everyone else now most of our work is done.

Really looking forward to it now :slight_smile:


Incredible job, this looks like it’s going to be an amazing event. :clap::clap::clap:


@MayaOnyett has now sent the flyers off for printing!

Massive thanks to Forest Hill Ward Assembly & Forest Hill Society for funding this event :slight_smile:



Here’s the double sided flyers!

Please feel free to share :slight_smile:



Councillor Maja Hilton worked her butt of to get Lewisham Council to give us free parking - only for us to make it the town’s best kept secret?!?!?



I didn’t design the flyers, neither did @michael

We were both too busy organising the event, and it wasn’t easy in a short space of time.

If I could, I would have added this, but probably not enough space.

LC done the flyer, not me or @michael we just organised it.


I would appreciate it if someone could let me know who in LC wrote this and I will tell them in no uncertain terms about what is probably Forest Hill town centre’s main drawback for attracting (and keeping) good businesses and the resulting customers - THE PERCEIVED LACK OF PARKING.

In promoting this event to thousands of people many of whom might want to come in from surrounding areas but are well aware of how difficult it is to park on our main streets, so the mention of our special car parking arrangements could, and probably would, make some of them think again and turn up on the day and, who knows, a small proportion of them might even turn out to benefit local traders by being regular visitors to the town.


And the culprit in LC is…
The suspense is killing me.
More importantly, meanwhile, shops in Dartmouth Road continue to suffer.


Me & Michael are just trying to get the info out & just sending what we have on events etc.

I didn’t add the parking when I sent the event info.

This was almost cancelled last night/today.

But me and Michael trudged up and down D Rd tonight to make it still happen regardless.

So the layout will be a bit different but all will still go ahead thankfully!

We have to track all changes with safety issues etc.

And also work with others to agree on this, it’s not easy, but we’ve done it to adapt and confirm again.

So all is going ahead!


@michael has added the free parking in the FH Society newsletter & I’ve updated the Facebook page to add it :+1:


The usual levels of effort & tenacity from you and Michael were never in doubt here.

In the scheme of things my issue was only a very minor detail so thank you for indulging me by adding it to your publicity.

Also, thank you and Michael especially; and to everyone else who’s worked on organising this event.


If anyone needs to drive to our Street Party, there’s FREE parking at Perryvale Car Park for 2 hours & Sainsburys too!

So no need to not pop by this Saturday 10th & join the fun :hugs::hugs:



Thank you!


The word is spreading, keep it up guys!

Just from my Twitter feed :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Is it still going ahead now the roadworks are a week behind?


We are going ahead. The roadworks will not be completed, but we have plenty of space for a street party.
I look forward to meeting lots of forum people on the day.




Hey there all,

I’m hoping someone might be able to lend me a hand with moving a few heavy bits from our store on Perry Vale to the Dartmouth Street Market Saturday morning (preferably a stall trader as it’ll be an 8:30am set-up). If anyone had a car or small van then even better otherwise they’ll be a little back and forth with kegs (two 30L) plus the dispense equipment needed, cans and a gazebo.

I’ll happily trade beer for the help.


Ben - Clapton Craft Forest Hill


I might be able to help - I have a SAAB estate thing. If you don’t get a stall holder to help then count me in.
That is if I don’t buy too many beers from you on Friday!!! :wink: