Dartmouth Road Event Saturday 10th March - Updates



Hi Nick,

That’s very kind of you of you to offer, thank you. I’ll keep you in the loop if anything changes, but if you do happen to pop-in Friday night then I’ll be able to show you what is that’ll I’ll need help moving and how much of it there is.

Thanks again,




Except Perryvale and Sainsburys car park for 2 hours FREE



Have to say on this thread I couldn’t have done this without @michael helping me out.

We work so well together & he always keeps me in check.

I think we make an an amazing team even though we are so different in our personalities.

High five @Michael

Job well done mate xx


See you all tomorrow on Dartmouth Road.

:european_castle: Any adults wishing to “test out” the bouncy castle should arrive before 10am :european_castle:


Looks like the rain will hold off for most of the day :crossed_fingers:


That was the hardest part to organise.
No rain and probably the warmest day of the year so far!


I’ll wear my shorts. Bring your sunglasses.


The lovely Zoe from @TheArchieParker will be putting out FREE sandwiches & crisps for the kids (no stealing big kids it sets a bad example :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) between 12noon & 2pm :tada:

Edd from Holy trinity church will be giving out 200 FREE helium balloons between 12noon & 2pm (I’m looking after the helium but I won’t have a squeaky voice tomorrow, pinky promise :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) :tada:

And a lovely local Emma from Derby Hill has gave me a lot of kids gifts to hand out too & I’ll have some FREE sweets on the counter for adults & kids too :tada:

Oh, and guess I’ll have to test out the bouncy castle just to make sure it’s safe for everyone :hugs::hugs:


What’s the position with moving stuff?
I’ll be dropping off my old generator for 9-ish but what about those tables?
And did the craft beer shop manage to get someone for their bits?


We have a car for the tables, don’t know about the beer - that’s a question for @ClaptonCraft

I’ll be on the street from about 8am
Popping down around 9pm this evening to start placing barriers to prevent parking. Anybody can join me if you wish.


I’ll be there from 8am tomorrow.

Signs went up yesterday, so anyone parking from then should get a ticket & move by tomorrow morning.



Curtis is doing this first thing tomorrow, but I’ll be there in 5 mins now xx


Soaking wet, but think we are done except a few cars.

High five again xx


Hi Michael and @Anotherjohn,

We sure did, @Foresthillnick has been kind enough to lend a hand moving bits and pieces from the shop.

See you all soon, can’t wait!



Looking good down there this morning and @Pauline is busy pointing and organising and I am sure @Michael was around as well. Looks very well organised IMHO and there are still quite a few workmen around sorting things out too…
@ClaptonCraft is getting setup in among a couple of food stalls and the bouncy castle and staging was being laid out as I left - so it looks like all our needs are catered for!
Amazing work by the usual suspects here so I encourage everyone to get down there today and enjoy yourselves…


Sad not to be able to make it today :cry:

If anyone gets good photos, please share them on the forum


We’ve just been down. Lots of people there, everything going swimmingly. @Michael told me that there’s been problems with the electricity, but that he and @Pauline had got it all sorted with their usual efficiency. Big queue for Breakfast Burgers, so had to give up, unfortunately @ClaptonCraft beer stall looked incredibly tempting - pity it’s Lent! .


Breakfast burger was amazing. You missed out.


Good to see this going ahead. Great effort by everyone and well worth a visit. Weather mercifully seemed to have held off. Also really pleaed to have discovered Pizza Napoli where we indulged ourselves with a very large and delicious Tandoori Pizza. Run by a lovely couple too!


The bouncy castle was a complete hit with the local kids. Very nice to meet some people from Forest Hill Society. Breakfast Burger had an entirely appetising smell, but the prices were outrageous. Over £10 for cheeseburger and chips. Take yourself to the Dartmouth Arms. They do a fabulous burger in a bun with chips and pickles for £12.50! Well done to everyone who had a hand in organising the event!