Dartmouth Road Event Saturday 10th March - Updates



Or the Sylvan Post, who do a fab menu! They do a fab gammon chop and mash for £9. I can highly recommend that!


Thanks very much to everyone who helped organise - we had a lovely brunch at the Archie Parker and my daughter very much enjoyed the bouncy castle.


Would have been nice to ask if it was ok to put my photos on the Facebook page…


Apologies - that was presumptuous of me. I’ll remove them straight away if you’d prefer.


Please leave them on there, as a testament to those who have worked very hard. It was just a bit of a surprise to see that my pictures has been copied.


Thanks to all the traders, volunteers, local shops, Ward assembly, Horniman market, lewisham markets, holy trinty church, Twist Studio, Little Gems, john ward, Curtis and the team from kier, and the weather.

And thanks to everybody who came along and provided a huge boost to all the shops on Dartmouth Road. @Pauline was so busy she didn’t actually step out of the shop between 10am and 5pm, so missed the whole party.

The road should reopen in two weeks but they will keep working on the final pieces.


Was a Hugh success, so massive thanks to everyone that came :slight_smile:

I was paying kids in sweets to run up to check everything was running to plan at the marquee for me, so they were my little assistants today & of course I knew I could count on @Michael to make me aware if there were any hiccups there.

Many traders on D Rd had the best day in takings in a long time, so it’s gave everyone a nice boost which is great.

And most importantly everyone seemed to be having fun :tada::tada:

I’m exhausted so am off to @TheArchieParker for chilli (they have meat or veggie) & a glass of wine as they are open till 10.30 tonight and also have craft beer & gin options from @FHGinClub :ok_hand::ok_hand:


That chilli was bloody lovely, I had mine to take home with avocado, extra cheese & nachos.

Had a glass of wine with the lovely Zoe while I was there & now completely chillaxed after devouring lovely food at home in my PJ’s :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Thanks to everyone involved and the street dance and the bouncy castle went down well…interesting to know if you had any stock left by the end of the day and you must have set a record of the number of jars opened in a single day - impressive…


Some great photos !


My wrists, elbows, and knees were tired today as they had a good workout yesterday :slight_smile:

I was open for Mothers Day today & was fully stocked.

Now having a rest as its my day off tomorrow :+1::+1:


Great show guys!

Thanks for the invite. We had lots of interest in our campervan and it was great to meet so many locals!

Ryan @ Campervantastic.


Another event?


Would the bouncy castle fit in the paved outside area at the swimming pool? That would be great in the summer! Or maybe in Dartmouth Road over the Easter holidays, as I shouldn’t imagine the road will be ready by then…


I’ll look into this next week, fab suggestion :slight_smile: