Expectant parents?


Hi, I’m new to the forum and am pregnant with my first child, due in March next year. I wondered if there were any other expectant parents out there in the local area? I’ve seen other forums do great threads for parents expecting at different times of year - the East Dulwich Forum has a Spring Babies Club but it seems to be based more around the Peckham/Nunhead area than our neck of the woods! I’d love to start something similar so if there are others who are interested, please let me know!


If you’re on Facebook there are several SE23 parenting groups. I think SE23 Mums is the main one.


Thanks Rachael, I’ve signed up to a couple of those Facebook groups but they mostly seem to be a place to sell things!


Welcome @Olivia. There’s a lot on SE23 Mums besides people selling things and I think if you started a thread for Spring Babies you would get some interest (including my wife and I, expecting our second baby in March). It’s definitely a good idea to sign up.

Let’s see if anyone else expresses an interest here - we might form a subgroup of 2017 parents…


Welcome to the forum @Olivia, and thanks for the suggestion.

It would be great to have areas of the forum where expectant parents can chat, and I’m happy to help set things up.

@moderators - what’s the best approach in your opinion? Opt-in categories e.g. “2017 Parents”?


Thanks guys! Congratulations to you and your wife @Dave - it would be lovely to chat! I’m waiting for admin approval for the SE23 Mums group, it sounds like it might be more engaging than some of the other groups I’ve found.

@ChrisBeach That sounds great! Looking forward to seeing if we get any more interest.


It gets my vote.


Let’s wait until we see how much interest we get. No objection in principle.


Hi Olivia and co! Congratulations firstly! I’m Jess and my husband (Steve) and I are also expecting our first baby next March :slight_smile: - I think a new thread would be fabulous and we would certainly join in. We are eager to meet expectant parents like you in the area!

Look forward to chatting soon…


Perhaps a general parenting forum would get more traffic, can include a thread for expectant parents in there?


Hi Jess, congratulations to you both too! It seems like March is a popular month! It would be lovely to connect with you guys. Have you or @Dave signed up to any of the local classes?


Thanks Olivia! I do pregnancy yoga on a Saturday morning (with Kimberly from Oaktree Yoga) - I haven’t found any March babies there yet though! My husband (@SteveG85) and I have also signed up to the Forest Hill NCT course from 4 - 11 Feb. How about you?


Ah I was looking at that yoga class just haven’t got round to signing up yet - do you enjoy it? Don’t think we’re doing NCT but have been looking at alternatives.


Yes - definitely recommend the yoga. It’s lovely and relaxing! NCT is expensive and we were in two minds for ages! What date are you due? We’re 21st March.


Hi! I’m also due first baby in march! We are booked onto the NCT in Feb too :blush:
Would be great to get a group together! Hannah


Yes I was surprised NCT was so expensive! I’m due just a few days before you - 18th March.


Ah this is lovely to find so many March babies due! Would be great to get together at some point


Hello all, another expectant mum here with our first baby due 7th March! We have our NCT classes booked for late Jan. I love the idea of a networking opportunity for expectant parents through this forum. It is lovely to be part of such a supportive and warm community :slight_smile:


We did NCT back in August and it was very useful, not just from a learning perspective but also meeting and getting to know other expectant parents, all of whom we still see regularly nearly 3 months after childbirth.


Hi. First baby due 15th February so a little earlier but still keen to meet others. We’re booked into NCT in January and I’ve been doing a lovely pregnancy yoga class at the Honor Oak Wellness Rooms.