Expectant parents?


Brill, thanks Chris!


Lovely to meet you too! Looking forward to catching up in the new year :slight_smile:


Still waiting for my approval :s


For anyone who hasn’t yet booked onto an NCT course, my midwife recommended this course as a possible alternative. The woman who runs it is also a midwife and I had a chat with her the other day - she sounded friendly and covers everything you’d expect for a cheaper course fee, though it sounds like she struggles to compete with NCT, unsurprisingly. We’re considering going with that as an option. So many decisions to make though!


On the SE23 Mums group @Olivia? I’m still waiting for my approval too!


Yes - strange that it should take so long if it’s such an active group. I might see if I can follow it up somehow, although it looks like Facebook limits your options!


Be patient, as I think it’s run by one busy mum! It’s a great facebook group for families in the area.


Hi Olivia! Count me in - I’m expecting my second baby, due early April and am moving back to the area in late January. I’d love to meet some other parents with little people of a similar age… Vicky


Happy New Year! My husband Raf and I are expecting our first baby on 15th April and would also love to meet some local people due around the same time. I actually think I met @JessGardner and @Olivia briefly at the Oaktree Yoga session before xmas but can’t be 100% sure… (I’m rubbish at remembering names!).

I’m also booked on the 25 Feb, 4th & 9th Mar NCT course if anyone else is? Please let me know if there are plans to meet up and I’ll join the 2017 parents group. Hope you are all keeping well.

Jenny x


Hi Jenny and Happy New Year! Yes, we did meet at yoga before Christmas :slight_smile: Look forward to catching up soon (probably at the next yoga session!) x


Happy New Year all! The year we become parents - eek!

I think we partnered at yoga Jenny! Hope to see you there again and looking forward to meeting everyone else soon.


Hi all, the new year has well and truly started now so I thought it might be nice to arrange a bit of a get together for those that want to meet.

I propose the morning of sunday 22nd Jan for a (decaf!) coffee. I know not everyone will be available but if a handful are keen then we can start getting to know one another and still arrange plenty more dates! Who’s in?


Great initiative Olivia. Unfortunately I won’t be able to join you on this occasion as I’ve got my PhD Viva the next day so I will need to prepare for that. I do hope that I will be able to join you on the next one though.


22nd works for me!


Is there a link to 2017 parents category from the 2017 parents group ? I couldn’t find it.
Also I appear to be able to edit all sorts of stuff on the group page (I.e. I seem to have the admin rights)


Thanks for reminding me, @Weepy - I have improved the group description to include a link to the category. There aren’t any topics there yet so please feel free to create the first (it will be visible only to those who have joined the group).

I made the first members “owners” of the group. So you’re also able to improve the description of the group as you see fit.


Would love a parents section on here! Whilst there is SE23 Mums on FB, it’s one of those ‘in the know’ type of things and not everyone likes to use Facebook. It’s also not as good for ongoing reference / recommendation types of things. There’s something neat about having a community forum place that’s open to anyone who finds it. @Olivia - there is also the Mush mums app for connecting with other parents, and I’m launching my website in this area imminently! It’s for finding baby and toddler classes: www.happity.co.uk

Sections for parents on SE23.life

For anyone keen to meet up join us at Canvas and Cream at 10am this Sunday - I’ll be there with a few other parents-to-be I’ve met through yoga.

Tagging people who expressed an interest early on: @Hjames @Marina @Thorners @Angeli @Jessie_Humphreys @weepy @simonk133 @Victoria_Wootton


We just had two little ones last weekend (twins) - a boy Ezra and a girl
Lucia. [image: IMG_2357.JPG]
Would be nice to meet parents of little ones in the local area. We live
inbetween Forest Hill and Sydnenham


Wow Congratulations!!! What beautiful little mites! You must be over the moon - I hope the transition to parenthood is going smoothly and hope to meet you at some point.