Extractor Fan Replacement

Sadly our extractor fan has stopped working so we need someone to install a replacement. Google tells me we need a “competent person” as opposed to an electrician. Has anyone got any recommendations who could do this job? Thank you!

electricians are competent to do this job

Sorry, I didn’t word it correctly - I meant it doesn’t have to specifically be an electrician - just someone who knows what they’re doing.

Maybe a handyman would help? We have a couple of recommendations here: Handyman Recommendations [2020]

There are also electricians here: Electrician recommendations

Please do let us know how you get on.

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Hi @Jennie Did you find anyone to do this, we need the same thing sorting.

I haven’t, no, sorry! I’ve a crazy few weeks coming up so am having to delay getting it replaced. If you do find anyone, please you could let me know? :grinning:

Will do!

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Hi Jennie, I could do that for you. PM to let me know your location and any other details. Regards.