Forest Hill ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ (Home Accessories Extra) becoming Costa [Now open]



There are wonderful shops in Forest Hill. From Bunka to the Butchery. From Wild Horses to Farr ‘n’ Wyde. Sugar Mountain to Il Mirto’s. We could do with some more but I wouldn’t be quick to talk down our high street too soon.


Canvas and Cream??


one of the only things I’ve bought here was some plastic stick on numbers for my bin. No idea where else I might find those… Yes they do sell everything under the sun, but there is at least one such place on Dartmouth Road, and it’s really not too far to get to Sydenham Road - where there are multiple shops like this.


Could not agree more.
Costa would get my vote, I like their products and environment.


It’s a shame the shop is going - I use it often. Lets have a Marks and Spencers! This will bring in plenty of foot traffic from The Perry Vale and Sydenham areas, benefitting the other local retailers, like the branch in Dulwich.


Maybe it isn’t entirely a coffee shop?

If its Costa, I would imagine something similar to the one opened last year in Peckham, which has been very succesful


Shame. That shop is super useful.



I’d hate a Costa or any other coffee chain but would welcome an M&S foods or a whole foods market Planet Organic.
We have wonderful indipendent coffee places here.
The coffee in Costa is pretty rank in my honest opion-I think people only like it because they can sit there for hours.


Disagree fervently.
I never sit for hours in Costa, I simply find their coffees to be consistently smooth and good quality. And also very much enjoy the many independent coffee shops in FH and around.
There should always be choices and sometimes that choice is a chain. I personally would love to see a Costa in forest hill and think it will be good progress.


The barista in my local Costa makes one of the top 5 coffee’s I have ever had.


It will be good if it would be a big pound shop


I’d prefer it to be a Waitrose…


As long as its not empty I don’t mind, just because it’s an independent doesn’t automatically mean that they make better coffee.


love a poundshop!!


To pricey. Much prefer a 99p store.


I prefer the quality of the poundshop. The 99p store is a false economy - you end up returning at least one in 100 purchases.


I bought my stick on bin numbers from Amazon…


I made a nice number stencil and spray paint the numbers on mine.

Can’t remember where I bought the spray paint - probably a pound/99p shop.


I have bought a number of items from there over the years, but have to say it always seemed pretty empty, and maybe a little over stocked for such a small customer base.

Maybe the downsizing option is a win win for all, with a Costa would be dreamy for me, might even treat myself to a weekly hot chocolate and a slice of lemon drizzle.

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I would guess a partition , as it is not one of their usual associated companies, and not really what they want going on in the background.
Great news though, nice to have a mainstream coffee place coming.

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Good point about the rents etc, one of the side effects of an area rising through the ranks.
I guess somewhere along the way a compromise is needed to maintain the balance. How that is done I dont know. But at the same time, the chains hopefully bring increased footfall, which will benefit all the other businesses.

Would be interesting to hear what peoples aspirations are for the area, and what area they would compare its future to.

For some, keeping things as they are is desirable, for others a little growth and supply of what they want. Some of the terminology used is a little confusing at times.