Forest Hill ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ (Home Accessories Extra) becoming Costa [Now open]



I usually get my coffee from Costa Coffee because I like the taste of their coffee.


Agree it’s not necessarily time to get the bunting out, but let’s hope Costa does well (along with all the great independents). It may encourage some long overdue investment into the rest of the high street.


Agreed - it’s in one of the most prominent positions in FH and makes the whole area look awful if a closed shopfront


Sad to say I saw Costa busy today and our independants looking less busy than normal.:cry::cry:


Happens when there is a “New kid on the block”. Things will stabilize.


Don’t worry - people will go back to the independents (or at least that work from home will - Costa hasn’t sorted out its wifi yet!)


So is the Accessories shop actually coming back to the other part? Or what other plans are there for it?


Costa as an invasive multinational aside, the shopfitting contractor deserves some recognition concerning how quick they were.


Guvan, of For Your Eyes Only, successfully saw off Blockbusters back in the day. Ironically, for those of us that remember, Blockbusters occupied the unit Costa has taken over.


Gulam not only saw-off Blockbusters but also another big video shop, Apollo, who traded from the AldLife charity shop premises


That’s the one!! Took me ages mulling over what the other one was. Cheers, Anotherjohn. Apollo was opposite the swimming baths, right?


And it was a lot bigger than the current AldLife shop because it’s since been partitioned off to provide 2 flats on the ground floor. It’s a real credit to Gulam that he traded through times when there were two very large shops eating into his business and he’s still plodding on nicely after they’ve long gone. It’s a nice story in this day and age.