Forest Hill ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ (Home Accessories Extra) to become Costa?



I find Costa a bit hit or miss the coffee just above average and relatively expensive. Personally I prefer wetherspoons self service just as good for a fraction of the price with the added bonus of unlimited top ups.


Good to know Fagin :wink:


Just to say, I noticed this morning that signs were up for a 20% off sale, and that they’ll be closing in two weeks. Looks like the whole shop’s going. Bit biased as I live in close proximity to it, but I’ve always found it such a useful shop to have and I’m gutted it’s going.


I would have thought for a while perhaps whole shop has to be closed anyway whilst they split it and change set up. So hopefully it will come back. Bought many a random thing there.


I love that shop. So useful. Hope its disappearance is only temporary.


The dude who fixes tech in there is brilliant, the shop stocks every thing basically it’s your own fault businesses fail or sadly downsize is down to the community not shopping there


It says “department closing” so I think it is not the whole shop going.