Forest Hill Pools [2019]

Learner pool closed today due to a lack of lifeguards. Main pool closed as it’s full due to the overspill from the closed learner pool.


Hi all,

I’m one of the local councillors for FH ward. Sorry for the delay in replying to this thread.

I’ve been liaising with officers at the council and Fusion regularly about this issue. Officers are also very aware of the issues and are working hard with Fusion to try and improve them. This morning, I met the new(ish) divisional manager for Fusion (Nigel), who I will be meeting monthly to raise issues (so please keep bringing them up).

I’ve been assured that Fusion are taking steps in the coming months to improve standards (including recruiting more staff, adding to the programme, working with the Council to fix the leaks, changing the locks system etc) and I’ve invited Nigel to come to our local assembly (on 16th November) to give an update on what they’ve been doing since they last came. I also encouraged him to sign up to this forum to see what residents are saying and reply directly.

As a user of the Pools with my young daughter (as well as a councillor), I really share your frustration about the lack of progress. But we are keeping up the pressure both with Fusion, and at the Council and I hope that we will be able to make some progress in the coming months.



On Monday it was clear that the two poolside showers had been fixed. New press taps have replaced the broken ones and are working well. The spare parts are readily available and it seems that someone has attended to it. That’s great. Now all we need is maintenance to become part of the everyday practice at the pools…


Thanks for posting Sophie, hope nigel does sign up to the forum.

The main issue for me is the dire state of the gym, which compares very poorly to the nearby energie, or other council owned gyms like Herne hill lido, Brixton rec etc. This means a membership at FHP isn’t worth it for me, and I’m then reluctant to spend extra on top of seperate a gym membership to use the pool. FHP offer memberships that include both, but with the gym in such a state it offers poor value, it really needs a full modernisation.

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Same with me-The poor out of date gym coupled with sorry state of Pool and facilities and lack of classes (especially in the evenings) means I’m better off leaving the area to gym and swim

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WHEN ! ?

Is the first floor changing room open? I haven’t been for a while.

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The Gym changing room, showers and toilets are still out of action which is now some 5 months. The two cubicles in the pool are used by some people from the Gym and today someone was using the shower because he didn’t have a shower at home. I didn’t begrudge him this, it’s hard enough for young people to find decent accommodation, but it shows how much showers are needed.
And oddly I visited a public Leisure Centre in Littlehampton recently where there was a wall full of shower cubicles - at least 10. It was a delight. It would be nice if the provision at Forest Hill could be even half as good as Littlehampton.


I use Forest Hill pools. I would like to give some positive feedback about the staff. They have always been professional and helpful. In particular if I arrive late for a very quick swim they never indicate they would rather I did not bother. Thank you


I totally agree with SeanandLucy. The staff at Forest Hill Pools are positive and helpful. I visit two or three times a week and always find staff very professional and good natured.

It is not the staff, though, that are responsible for the showers or gym machines not being maintained. That is a management responsibility and the problem is either lack of attention or lack of finance. Whichever, it is made worse by a lack of communication.

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I received this message today - looks promising…



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We’re really excited to let you know that we’re investing £140,000 in the gym at Forest Hill Pools! So that we can complete the transformation (including removal of old equipment, re-wiring, painting and installation of the new equipment), the gym will close on Monday 16th December.

We expect to re-open your brand new gym on Sunday 22nd December - perfect timing for you to get stuck into your pre-Christmas fitness routine! While the gym is closed, you are welcome to use facilities at Bellingham Leisure Centre, Glass Mill Leisure Centre and Wavelengths Leisure Centre.

Your new gym, once complete, will include a ll NEW cardiovascular kit, NEW fixed resistance machines, NEW free weights and a large range of NEW functional equipment.

Please check our website and social media pages where we’ll be posting regular progress reports. If you have any questions please speak to a member of the team in centre.

Best wishes,

The Team at Forest Hill Pools

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Forest Hill Pool

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Well let’s hope they can invest in a volume knob for the musak. And also in some education for their staff. I went to Peckham Pulse for cardiac rehab. Paid for by King’s. The trainer was excellent. Very knowledgeable and I had total trust in him.

When that prescription expired I tried to arrange something through my GP, only to be told that Lewisham don’t pay for cardiac rehab.

So as I would be paying I thought it would make sense for me to go somewhere closer to hone and approached FH Pools Gym. I asked what they offered that was suitable for cardiac rehab patients. They said everything they do is suitable and to just turn up at any session! That is bonkers. I didn’t feel I could trust them and the one session I looked in on the trainer was shouty and agressive musak was thumping out.

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Hello Mary,
We do offer a cardiac rehab programme within Lewisham, but you would need to be referred by the hospital. Your GP can refer you to our GP referral programme, if you speak to your GP about this they will send your referral over to us. There are charges to use either scheme. In regards to music, different classes will have different music and subsequently have it played at different volume levels. If you visit here this will give you the list of our classes. Hopefully you’ll be able to find something suitable to your music tastes

Hello PV, thank you for your comment, please see the enclosed link We hope you’ll pop along once it’s finished and enjoy our new gym

I’m pleased to hear you do a cardiac rehab programme now. You didn’t when I applied. I had actually tried to summarise my experience in my earlier post and in doing so perhaps I didn’t make myself clear.

King’s College Hospital is in Southwark; not Lewisham. King’s had a list of suggested gyms that they could refer me to. FH Pools wasn’t one of them. I therefore asked my GP (Wells Park) to refer me. He refused, saying Lewisham/Wells Park did not have a budget for that.

That was when I had my conversation with FH Pools, to see if I could pay for a suitable programme myself. Your employee told me any of your classes would be suitable. When I expressed surprise she even listed a couple of things I’d specifically been told to avoid. Obviously I could have no confidence in that.

Re the music. You are assuming everyone wants to work to the same beat/timing/volume. That does not work for a cardiac rehab class. Why have music at all? If individual clients require music why not let them use headphones?


Hello Mary,
Thank you for your message, we have always offered the Cardiac Rehab programme, so we’ll pick this up with the reception team for not knowing about this. The usual referral route is through Lewisham Hospital. We do however accept referrals from Kings so we will need to pick this up with them.
If you take part in our referral programme this is a stand alone programme with experienced and qualified instructors who will be able to help you get back into the using the leisure centre to it’s full potential. I suggest you speak to your GP again to refer you. The referral process is online and there is no cost for them to refer you.
Music is played in some of cardiac classes for atmosphere and we wouldn’t want users listening to headphones, as we need them to be able to hear instructions from the instructors.

We recommend that you speak to your GP again and come along and try our referral programme


Will the new functional equipment include a functioning shower? The showers have been out of action since May. Have they been repaired yet?


The changing room works will be completed separately. We will keep you updated when these works are taking place.


That sounds like there is no schedule as yet …
First floor changing room to remain closed?

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