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Many of you have written to us/ posted messages on here and Twitter about issues at Forest Hill Pools. We have passed on all of your complaints and have spoken to council officers; I am also due to meet Fusion representatives shortly and will then post an update on this forum. In addition, we’ve arranged for representatives from Fusion and Lewisham Council to attend the next Forest Hill Assembly to address residents’ questions. It’s on 16th February at 1.30pm (venue TBC) - please come along to put your questions to them.

Councillor Sophie Davis

Forest Hill Pools [2016-2018]

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All - I will close the previous mega topic discussing Forest Hill pools so the conversation can continue here.


Thanks. I want to join a gym but won’t join this one under current circumstances.


I agree with the above. Im amazed Fusion still have the contract when the pools are so very badly run.
I used to use the pool regularly but finally gave up as the changing areas and ladies toilets were filthy and pool badly monitored
Classes were always cancelled at the last miniute, gym equipment out of order for ages and calls to reception to enquire about classes (i.e.; is my class happening or not?) often involved hanging on for ages or reception staff being clueless.
such a shame as its a relatively new facility and I was delighted when it opened but after putting up with the filth and poor management for 3 years I have given up and won’t return until I hear its being properly run


Hi all,

Just a reminder that Fusion are attending the Assembly this Saturday 16th February (1.30pm-3.30pm at FH Pools). If you’re unable to attend but would like a question asked, please email me at

I will then post a summary of what was discussed at the Assembly, as well as my meetings with Fusion and council officers on this and other local forums.

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Compared to The Bridge, Forest Hill Pools is like a palace. They actually have to section off one end of the learner pool when it rains and they clearly don’t spend the cash on heating the water. The manual temperature dials on reception are a nice touch, But completely misleading. Oh, and you’ll need to pay for parking if you dare to spend more than 90 minutes there… I do wonder how these companies keep their contracts. Surely it would be cheaper for the council to run the facilities into the ground without the need for private involvement?


Yeah, me too. I suspect councils fail to hire and incentivise sufficient numbers of proficient staff to negotiate with and monitor the contractors. I have a feeling they often treat contracted out services as if they don’t need to worry about the service or contract until it becomes time to renegotiate.


fusion lost their contract with southwark a few years ago.