Good hygienist in SE23?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if you have recommendations for a good hygienist and dentist in the area?

Preferably one who has the odd Saturday too!

I’m still going up to Balham for mine which isn’t sustainable but finding good ones is really difficult!

Hi @Charlo. Just FYI, we have some dentist recommendations here: Dentist recommendation

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Thanks Chris, handy list

Specifically, does anyone know a dentist practice in the general area which offers a hygienist on the NHS? I’ve struggled to find one after making a few calls.

We go to Ziemans (smiles for you) dentist @ Crofton Park & my husband was told he needed to see their hygienist. He did go, but she charged £45 a time, so I assume that isn’t Nhs price? Even though we are Nhs patients. You can’t see her though without first seeing the dentist apparently. She does do Saturday appointments though, but they are very popular.

Thanks - I’ll ring up to check. Or maybe I should just cut back on the hot cross buns… :joy:

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I need to cut down on visits to @Pauline … this is all that remains of today’s purchase … :grimacing: