Grounds and Grapes [Now Hiring]



From Lewisham’s Planning website, at 41 Honor Oak Park (formerly KTK Off License):

Company details Owners: Lee Stewart and Latoyah Lovatt

A reminder of what was there before:

Progress so far:

(image from @Joncocteau)

Wishing Lee and Latoyah the best of luck with this new venture, and looking forward to seeing the end result.

Neroli changing

So, Grounds and Grapes. Interesting. Sadly I guess that must be an old sign then. They’d do well to copy the style!


Gentrification FTW


Fantastic! Presumably coffee and wine? Well overdue on the high street. Would love to hear more about the plans.


Hmmmm. Not sure I agree that Lee and Latoyah should copy the style of the sign. They’ve obviously designed their shopfront with considerstion so far.

The old sign is anecdotally interesting, but these guys have their own path to follow…



What does FTW mean? Positive or negative?


“For The Win” - a positive


I love that old Guscott’s Stores sign… Any chance that it could be incorporated into the new facade? Would be a shame to lose it…


Depending on how this goes, it might just be “Grounds?”


Would LOVE a wine bar in HOP! NEED THIS TO GO THROUGH!


Given the failure of the attempt to convert the mini-market across the road to a wine bar type place, I would not be confident of this going through. The planning people said something along the lines of HOP already having enough bars.


Are there? pubs yes, restaurants serving alcohol yes, but wine bars no…I see wine bars as a mark of sophistication in the area. there is an Italian coffee and wine bar in Surbiton and it has such a lovely relaxed atmosphere for daytime/early evening drinking, especially when the black clouds and rain are ahead!


I think you’re right, and for what it’s worth I agree that something like 161 Kirkdale would be a brilliant addition to the parade, but I don’t think that the planning officers differentiate.

In theory Hop Scotch is exactly the same sort of place, isn’t it?


In theory, yes, however for some intangible reason I never love it when I go there.

If this is anything like Toaste.d in East Dulwich, that would be great!


We need a wine bar! Hopscotch just isn’t very friendly I find


This is just an alcohol licence rather than planning application. If there has been prior approval change of use A1 to A3 no longer requires planning approval if under 150sqm IIRC.


Hi All,

Latoyah here, really great to hear that everyone is excited about our pending arrival. I won’t bang on too much but as you guessed we are hoping to be a very small but great (and friendly) coffee and wine spot subject to licence approval eeek!. It’s been a very slow process, as you may have noticed the site has been empty for almost two years. We have been working towards this for what feels like an age, it’s a completely new venture for us both. We still don’t have an exact opening date for you i’m afraid as it’s been pushed back constantly but i’m determined to make sure it will be worth the wait. Please come in and visit when we do open, would be lovely to meet everyone. If you do have any questions about what we are up to in the mean time please don’t hesitate to ask.


@Latoyahl - welcome to the forum and thanks for joining the conversation.

I live nearby and am really excited about Grounds and Grapes. The windows you’ve fitted are very classy and the high street is already looking smarter even though you’ve not opened up yet :slight_smile:

Wish you the best of luck and looking forward to saying hi.


Yay, Thanks Chris, That kind of flattery will definitely get you a coffee on the house! :wink:


Really hope you get your licence soon @Latoyahl cant wait to come in and test your wines - myself and my partner are big Wine-O’s :slight_smile:
Fingers crossed!