Grounds and Grapes [Now Hiring]



I’m looking forward to it opening too. My front door is less than ten seconds walk so may be dangerous if the license is approved!


I’ve just realised I’ve met Latoyah and Lee (I used to know Lee’s mum very well). This makes me very excited indeed for this place - I can assure you that L&L have impeccable taste and extremely high standards, so this will be class.


Anyone know if these guys got their licence? The notice has come down from the window.


Hi Latoyah - did you get your licence?


hi @Latoyahl - we walked past the other day and wondered if you’ve had any news yet on your licence. Keeping fingers crossed for you. Do you have any updates you can share?


Hi David,
We did have the licence approved luckily but we are having a problem with the building works so it’s looking unlikely we will be open before Xmas. But as soon as we have a confirmed date I’ll keep you posted!

Speak soon,



Does anyone know when work will resume at Grounds and Grapes? - so excited to see this happen!


Give us an update! :slight_smile:


Hi, Apologies for the radio silence. As mentioned we had some problems with the building and had a lot of difficulty finding a solution! We have our builders booked to come back in at the beginning of March so hopefully wont be too much longer to wait.

Huge thanks for the support so far. I look forward to hopefully meeting everyone once we finally open the doors!


Thanks @Latoyahl, can’t wait! :grinning:

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How can I get in touch with you @Latoyahl? I have a proposition you may be interested in :slight_smile:



The Aussies know how to brew a good coffee!


Anyone have an email address for Latoyah by any chance? Thanks


@Latoyahl Is there any latest news with the opening? I saw some builders at work in there last Monday, but not much since? Excited for the opening!


@Latoyahl So desperate to know whats the latest with Grounds & Grapes - Longing to get a good cup of coffee in HOP!!


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I’ve added a question mark :slight_smile:

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Is this actually ever going to open?! Shame to see empty shops on such a small high street


Good news! I have seen builders in working the last couple of mornings of me waking past - door was open and can see it’s going to look great! Really coming along now. Hopefully it will open soon?