Grounds and Grapes



Never open in the morning/day time? A shame for a coffee shop!


They are having a soft launch for the coffee shop side of the business. They were open on Bank Holiday Monday, and I think plan to start to open at regular times from next week IIRC, 7am start. I enjoyed the coffee too and I think they will be a great daytime addition to the high street.


I love the way this business has done everything under their own terms and at their own pace.

Some people were up in arms about how long it took them to make the shop ready, but look at the difference in the quality of the place.

Now the opening times. Who the hell only opens from 5 until 10pm - it’s unheard of!

One carefully-considered step at a time.

It’s genius!



I couldn’t agree more - its a really measured way of running things which has resulted in an extremely classy and stunning building. I absolutely love going in there, the wine and coffee are both sublime - and I was one of the doubters and am very happy to have been proved so very wrong.

Well done Ground and Grapes, the extremely friendly service and great products set you apart. An amazing addition to the Honor Oak parade.


What a place!
The shopfront may have been a bit bland(?) - but not after this beautiful touch of artistry!



Today’s amazing display:

Really perks up the high street


Maybe a bit much for my taste, I preferred the yellow only version


A bit bizarre. I like the yellow one, but this is too much. Balloons? Just… no.


LOL. My natural reaction when I see a Lush is to cross the road. It would probably be the same here.


I like it as it brightens up the parade and it is certainly a bit different! I perhaps also preferred the yellow one, but I look forward to seeing version number three.

Must be better than an over-reliance on the colour brown, to which one bar in particular seems to have immersed itself in recent times…


I love it! Such beautiful displays every season.


Popped in this morning to try a takeaway coffee and pastry. The place was buzzing, which is great.

However, I was told there’d be a ten minute wait for a coffee! Goes without saying, that won’t be part of my daily commute. Shame.


Ask them to make one for you every day for pickup. I used to do that at the old From the Forest.


Is it the commuter takeout trade they are after in the morning?


Evidently not…


Wholeheartedly agree with Chris. I’ve seen this sort of thing lately in other places, too. Just because something is crafted doesn’t mean it needs to be slow.


Though one could equally suggest that if you want something crafted you shouldn’t expect it in a takeaway cup and consumed on the hoof. :wink:


Having returned a few times since, pleased to say the takeaway service is now pretty swift.