Hairdresser recommendations

Hello, just wondering if anyone could recommend a really good ladies hairdresser in the area? Doesn’t have to be in Forest Hill, anywhere within about 45 minutes would be great. Thank you!

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I’ve been happy with the recommendation I got for Blue Tit in the linked thread. I’ve been back a few times since and have been happy with my cut (and how it grows out) and the general vibe of the place. It’s also generally easy to get an appointment when I want one. They don’t do the hard sell on products and I have felt as though my stylist, Rachel, actually took account of my hair tendencies (thick and with a tendency to wave) and worked with them.

I use the Peckham branch but there’s also one in Brockley. Blue Tit London has prices and details of the stylists at each branch.


Thanks! Gave them a call this morning and they didn’t have any appointments but will try and book next weekend, sounds like its a good one!

I’ve been going to Tam at Village Way on Lordship Lane in East Dulwich for years. Very happy with his work.

I was the one who originally recommended Blue Tit.
I’d hold out for them as they really are excellent with handy opening hours too if you can only get there after work.

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Ian at Linda’‘s Hair and Beauty 503 Lordship Lane is a first class hairdresser. Trained at Harrods, was at Roche Hairdressing in Lordship Lane for many years until it closed down due to owner’'s retirement.

Thanks everyone! Seems like Blue Tit and Ian are the clear faves! Will give them a try x

Headnizm on Lordship Lane :blush:

I’ve been going to Whistles on Brockley Park (down by Rickmansworth chemist) for the last year or so. Started going there after a friend had her long hair cut & re-styled. Sue cuts my hair, but there are other stylists.

Are you looking for a salon based hairdresser? Or would you consider a mobile hairdresser?

It’s not technically in the area but less than 45 min on overground to Shoreditch, Sam Boggia is awesome

Geddes (opposite Sainsbury) is fab. Jo is a lovely hairdresser. They have a colour sale on at the moment.