Help us choose a venue for the February meetup


I’m planning our next meetup. More than 300 new members have joined us since our last meetup in September, and it’ll be great to meet you in real life. Hope to see many regulars too.

We’ll bid a sad farewell to our charming moderator @Londondrz (pictured below at our June meetup) - who definitely deserves a drink on me for his efforts here. :beers:

I’d be grateful for venue suggestions.

Click all the date(s) you’re able to make from the following options (all at 7:30pm), then click “Vote now”:

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  • Fri 17th Feb
  • Thurs 23rd Feb
  • Fri 24th Feb
  • Sat 25th Feb

0 voters welcomes our 1000th member 🎉 welcomes our 1000th member 🎉
From SE23 to the countryside

I’ll make sure I can make any date for the man in the middle’s send off!

John shall I bring a nerf gun :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Also happy to arrange a venue @ChrisBeach


Will you be joining us with your hoodie again @Michael I hope so xx


@Pauline You can bring your Nerf gun, but it may be turned on you :slight_smile:


Can do any of those bar Fri the 17th as I am in Norfolk :grin:



Looking like Friday 24th Feb is our date :thumbsup:

Much appreciated @Pauline. So far, we’ve had meetups at @TheHillLoungeBar, @Sylvanpost, Railway Telegraph, @AllInnOne and Chandos. I was thinking of the Signal, but they have a DJ on that night. Honor Oak is closed for refurb. Ditto for @HopscotchCafeBar .

Any suggestions anyone?


Watsons General Telegraph near the top of Forest Hill Road is a few minutes from Honor Oak border.


Bricklayers arms opposite Sydenham Girls School?


Given it is maybe closing, The Capitol?


Bricklayers Arms is a lovely pub. They don’t serve food generally but sometimes bring it in so may be accommodating.


I can arrange the Capitol as my daughter does a few shifts there for pocket money, just let me know:-)


Aha! I sure will :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::yum: xxx


Bricklayers Arms is the perfect venue for a meet up.
Watsons General Telegraph would be an ideal venue for a meet up.

I don’t know if I’ll make it, but a cinema trip to the Capitol on a Friday night sounds like a good choice. I hear they even sell beer, which is unusual for a cinema - but that’s not the only unusual thing about this cinema.


There is another pub in se23 which hasn’t been mentioned up Perry rise , the prince of wales


And Blythe Hill Tavern, General Napier, Bird in Hand, and Dartmouth Arms.

We are very lucky to have so many pubs, and quite a diverse collection.


One vote for the Bird in Hand.


Nice knowing you Starman!


We also have two “new and improved” options - the Honor Oak Pub, which re-opens on 23rd Feb, and the replacement for Hopscotch which opens in a week or so.

Regarding the Hopscotch refit - I won’t steal @HopscotchCafeBar’s thunder, and will let the owner, Luca, post all the juicy details here on the forum! (he’ll do so very soon).


Shall I go ahead and arrange The Capitol @Londondrz xx