Hotel on Co-Op site - plans approved


Continuing the discussion from: Co-op / 1 Waldram Park Rd proposed hotel [Approved]

The hotel plan has been approved:

Co-op / 1 Waldram Park Rd proposed hotel [Approved]

Zero parking. And I can’t see a space for a delivery van or taxi to pull over. On a red route. This is going to be fun.

At least they have storage for bins…perhaps the council has woken up on that one.


From the minutes 3.14: " From the
commercial perspective, they spoke to number of hotel providers, but mostly to IHG
(International Hotel Group) who has Holiday Inn Express franchise and Hilton Group who has
Hilton by Hampton franchises. Both are shortlisted and very interested and hotel was
designed to the Holiday Inn Express specifications. "

Is Holiday Inn confirmed or is a Hilton still a possibility?

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As someone who lives in between the coop and the porta cabin site, does anyone know of any good 2 beds for rent not between two potential building sites… :frowning:


Potentially mine if the All Inn One hotel redevelopment plans go ahead in their current state! One building site is better than two! :grimacing:

(Seriously, this entire stretch is going to be an absolute nightmare)

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Am I right in assuming that there currently doesn’t appear to be anyone confirmed who will definitely be building or running this hotel? Does this mean it’s a speculative planning application with the aim to sell the site after for more, but there is absolutely no guarantee that this would actually go ahead in the near future?

I’m not impressed by the architecture, definitely better than what’s there now, but that alone shouldn’t be sufficient. The buildings on the side look just about ok but the prominent corner element reminds me a bit of the tate modern extension. Why does it look like there are some windows missing while others have been bricked up? Overall, it looks like what was the cheapest option the thought they can get away with.

I’m hoping that at least one of the hotels will make it. I’d be surprised if both were going up.


I think this is excellent news. It could bring footfall to this side of the tracks, giving the pretty neglected Perry Vale a bit of a boost. More diners eating at Piazza Della Cucina and Sfizio. More customers picking up a beer at Clapton Craft. More people getting a trim at the Crafty Barbers.
The street currently feels a bit odd, which I think is partly to do with the lack of shop frontage caused by the Co-Op’s car park. The designs above could remedy that. Fingers crossed it goes ahead smoothly and without too much disruption for the people living near the site. In the longer run, I think this will benefit people living near by.


Glass half-full brings the potential positives to the fore. Nice one!

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I live close but far enough away to not be affected by building work.

I agree about the footfall. It seems that a few ventures have struggled and failed around Perry Vale when a few more customers would have meant the business was viable.

There has been a discussion about disabled parking; however, the disabled access to the station from the hotel site is terrible.


It’s a defensive measure against the noise and dirt of the South ZigZagular


And all that noise and dirt is gonna get a heck-of-a-lot worse when the ULEZ is extended in October 2021

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HI chris - that link doesn’t appear to be working. I’m no expert at council planning jargon - could you translate? (Essentially I want to know if this means the hotel is being built or not or we still don’t know) Thanks!


Yes. They have been granted permission.


Thanks! Do you know what Chris’ post refer to?


It is the council’s formal decision notice. Filled with jargon but definite approval.


Ta - much appreciated. I’m guessing he sent in an objection and this is their way of saying “computer says no”?