Co-op / 1 Waldram Park Rd proposed hotel [Approved]

I received this letter today. I have to say my initial reaction is complete bewilderment. The owners of the co-op site are applying to “redevelop the site to provide a hotel while retaining retail space” and are submitting a planning application imminently. I wouldn’t be adverse to a hotel in Forest Hill which made use of existing buildings (ie similar to the Tulse Hill Hotel)
but I think it’s pretty likely that the plan will involve cramming a budget hotel into a space that isn’t big enough and will probably result in either the loss of the parking or it becoming hotel only.
Note that there is a meeting where the proposals will be discussed at The Signal on Wednesday 21 February between 5-8pm.

Interesting that they’re going for a hotel rather than flats - I wonder if that’s to do with site contamination after being used as a petrol station.

They say that they have “prepared plans to redevelop the site to provide a hotel”, but that does not mean that they intend on developing or running the hotel themself. They may, for example, have a sale agreed that is conditional upon them securing planning permission.

It would be good to know what chain they believe will run the hotel.

A hotel could be useful I agree but it would be a real shame if we lost the coop in the process!

I am guessing they’ll look to maximise value by selling the site with planning permission for something. Agree that it would be bad to lose the Co-Op, though the site always seems a bit under-used to me - you could have something which was a lot bigger and had a bigger shop and still had things above.

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If we have a forum representative go to the meeting, please let them know that we ( have, through many past polls, decided that an Aldi or a Waitrose would be a fitting replacement for the Co-Op.

For reference, I think this is the most recent poll: [Poll] New development in Bell Green - what would you prefer?

Waitrose is a very popular option.

Before we start down the “alternatives” path, there’s no reason to think that a new Co-Op wouldn’t replace the current one, though, is there?

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This is not confirmed.

My BH had heard that the co-op is considering relocation plans.

Dartmouth Road and the Job Centre site appear to be contenders. Can anyone confirm or debunk this potential position ?

Additionally she has engaged with the co-op about reestablishing themselves in Sydenham on their former site. They gave that site up originally in the Budgens transfer scheme where Budgens never seemed to get their act together from the outset.

She has not had a rejection or confirmation note on the Sydenham position.

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That’s a separate topic, I think. Definitely an interesting idea, and I have a suspicion that someone may shortly pop up and suggest you add that on a Sydenham-based sister forum…

Sticking with this one, for anyone coming out of the Perry Vale side of the station and heading down towards Catford, the Co-Op is a great option / location for picking up a few things on the way home. The Sainsbury’s Local which used to be at the garage on Stanstead Road was a good convenience option, but is long-since gone.

Building a new hotel 300 yards from where the Forest Hill Hotel was turned into flats a few years ago also seems slightly ironic / wasteful.


As a Perry Vale resident I opened my letter and groaned. This road is already a nightmare for traffic and a building site plus hotel-related parking issues will provide yet more stress on the situation. As it is, for example, every time the ‘banqueting hall’ holds a function and its customers park up the entire stretch, buses, HGVs and general traffic have to squeeze round these dangerous corners. As it is, for example, every time the ‘banqueting hall’ holds a function and its customers park up the entire stretch, buses, HGVs and general traffic have to squeeze round these dangerous corners.

I really hope I can get to the plans-viewing on Wednesday as I’d love to see my fears assuaged. Appreciate this is a bit further up but the general quality of the road surface and the total lack of easy parking options in that area raise my concerns.

Plus I love having the Co-Op accessible as its opening hours are far more generous than Sainsburys.

On a purely personal level. Our house is to small to accommodate guests and if we do have anyone over they have to stay at the Travelodge in pence. This would be much more convenient.


Try the All in One, Julia is a fantastic host and rooms are great. Right in the heart of FH


Just a reminder for anyone interested that the meeting of this proposal is upstairs at The Signal between 5-8pm today. I’m hoping to get there (depending on work) and will try and summarise the details if I make it.

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Yes, but there are ‘hotels’ and ‘hotels!’ Will it be a brand chain, will it be classed as low cost or medium cost hotel? Visitors use Airb&b for a few nights accommodation in London. Many places now call themselves ‘hotel’, but only accommodate emergency B&B’s for the homeless as a last resort. Such places are more lucrative for the landlord than providing a one bed flat. Also due to the homeless situation it is quite common for people to be there for a couple of years now, rather than the maximum six months the law requires.

Be interesting to hear more about this proposal.
Would be a shame to lose the retail, but sounds like that is going to be catered for, which is usually the case with town developments these days.

Not sure the site would be suitable for anything like a Travelodge, I have seen some small ones in the past, but this would be pretty darn small for an inner city one. That said, I would not mind such a facility locally.

I guess one thing to face is, if people want to see growth and development of an area, these things are only to be expected. Popular comes at a price.

As for the retail, has anyone contacted Waitrose and M&S to see if they even have an interest in the area. Not sure the market is there in the volumes demanded. The foot fall in Co-Op says most are happy with that.

Well was hoping for a Travelodge or premier inn

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I spoke to the owner yesterday. He has interest from a hotel chain with a decent name, I’m not sure it would be right for me to express it on the forum. But the owner has read this site so may be able to provide more details.

As well as the hotel they are planning for a shop that would be of equal size to the current shop. He said that Waitrose and M&S and Sainsbury and Tesco were not interested but expected that Budgens would happily take the unit.

The hotel would be five floors - about the same height as the telephone exchange.

There would be no parking spaces but there would be a loading bay for servicing.


A hotel with 5 floors but no parking space?! Great! Westbourne Drive and surrounding streets suffer enough as it is with car parking spaces. It’s only going to get worse.

I think the majority of hotels in London don’t have a parking space and there is the underused car park next to the station on Perry vale