JK Banquets

I’m intrigued by this makeover of JK Banquets - I have no recollection of what was in this shop before it became a more impressive entrance to the banquet hall. Does anyone else? I also wonder if they’re giving the inside a facelift because my memory from the general election hustings was that it was pretty run down.

It was the ironing shop and then an African christian organisation with an acronym for a name, as I recall.

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The ‘shop’ for some time just had furniture and decorations for the hall.

I checked Lewisham planning and it doesn’t look as if planning was sought for a new shop front.


I am pretty certain it used to be a snooker hall a long time ago.

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Good point re planning permission Jason…

I always thought it was a front for money laundering. Given the antics and the amount of weed I smell outside the place I wouldn’t be surprised anyway…

I think whatever money they used for the shop front would have been better spent arranging some parking…



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That’s the bunny. Thanks.

It certainly belies its rock ‘n’ roll and pop music heritage, with bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, Dusty Springfield and Cilla Black all playing there back in the good ol’ days.


There are a few flyers knocking around online with said bands on there.

Never thought I’d see something FH labelled “grand” in my lifetime.

When we first moved to Perry Vale, in 1997 the shop part was Keystone Computers, we got our first modem there!
Their window was painted with Keystone Cop cartoon characters. The snooker hall was still there, behind, through the doors into the banquet hall. And piazza dela cuccina was a French restaurant. There was a big, ancient, family run electrical shop opposite.


I’d never heard of this place before. Do you know what it was called back in its heyday?

Popped in last night for a nose … it’s quite amazing inside with the biggest chandeliers I have ever seen and tiling that is totally over the top! Surprised how big it is in side .

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An early Rolling Stones contract

the contract between Derek Westwood and Eric Easton Ltd. for the Rolling Stones to perform for one evening at Glenlyn Ballroom, Forest Hill on January 3rd 1964, signed ‘D Westwood’ in blue ballpoint, together with a Glenlyn Ballrooms compliments slip, on which Derek Westwood has written ‘Bob, please find enclosed payment for Rolling Stones Friday 3rd January. They where excellent and so was business, Derek’ in blue ballpoint,