Kitchen Pop Ups at The All Inn One Pub

Hello lovely people of SE23 :slight_smile:
Continuing our run of brilliant pop ups from around the world, the deliciously local @FowlMouths are back with us for July.

The popular Forest Hill-based outfit, renowned for their Japanese comfort food, has brought back some of their much-loved classics from their February stint here, alongside new beauties.
Teriyaki Chilli Wings, Kara-age Chicken and Miso Aubergine join newbies Ponzu Steak Skewers and delicious Chargrilled Tenderstem Broccoli with Sesame and Soy.

They’re serving Tuesday - Saturday 5-9.30pm, as well as lunch on Saturday, 12-3. No need to book a table we have ample of seating in or outside but it would help if you are a large group, so we hope to see you soon!


Would you mind posting us some to Norfolk please :slight_smile:

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:joy: Ha, ha, I’ll speak to Melissa I’m sure she can come up with something Uber, Deliveroo …hope you guys are ok


It’d be great if you did delivery (tho just to SE23 mind!), little’un precludes evenings out without babysitter but love the food.


Thanks for supporting, @AllInnOne :+1:

All good but missing your great hospitality!

Bit confused after reading these reviews.We took the kids here for an end of term treat off the back of recommendations like these and those posted earlier in the year.

We stood at the bar for 3 or 4 minutes and were eventually acknowledged by one of the 4 or 5 bar staff gathered around the till. They were lovely and friendly once we were served. We asked for a menu and were handed a cumpled one from which we ordered all the small plates. The steak skewers were off though so we ordered double chicken wings. The edamame would have been better hot, but that might be personal preference and the squid and broccolli were passable but nothing more. The wings were ridiculously, crazily spicy. We thought we were spice fiends but these were off the scoville scale, They were inedible so we sent them back but they were returned to us with a message from the chef to say they were spicy, just as the menu said.

Refund refused we left hungry and ÂŁ45 lighter and took the kids to the chippy. Shame.

It’s back to Sapporo in Catford for us next time.

Sad to hear about your experience @howdo.

Without wishing to challenge your review, I really enjoyed @FowlMouths - by far my favourite pop up so far. Zingy flavours, crisp, beautifully cooked.

More reviews here from the last time Fowl Mouths came to All Inn One: Fowl Mouths pop up at the All Inn One


Yeah me too - loved it the first time around. Wings were spicy but not challenging and I will be back before the end of the month for another go.
I guess everyone has an off day but I can honestly say that I have enjoyed all the pop-ups enormously…

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It’s horses for courses. I wasn’t as wowed as some people here were the first time round, although it was all tasty and definitely not inedible! I certainly didn’t leave hungry and would have their spicy fries again in a heartbeat.

Service was painfully slow the night we went, I think we waited more than half an hour between starters and mains, but I made allowances for a pop-up in an unfamiliar kitchen.

Thanks for your feedback Howdo.
Edamame are often served at room temperature.
The Teriyaki Chilli Wings are one of our best-sellers and as the inclusion “chilli” in the title suggests, they’re supposed to have a kick.
I appreciate some hot foods are rendered inedible by the amount of spice used, and that heat tolerance varies greatly between individuals, but your comments to the team and on here are so at odds to other customers’ feedback.
Some guests ask the waiting staff for guidance on the heat level before ordering and a decision is made on that basis. I checked & was told you didn’t do this.
On Wednesday a 10yo boy asked about them & was given a sample. He then ordered a portion (full disclosure: he did succumb to a glass of a milk towards the end, but happily finished the lot…)
And as your waitress explained to you, she’s very sensitive to heat & had avoided the wings, only to try them this week & go on to order some on 2 successive days. If I’d had similar feedback to yours I would investigate and amend the recipe if appropriate. And I probably would have refunded yours - after all, I want my customers to enjoy eating with us. But on this occasion I didn’t feel it was fair.

That’s a shame Rachel - I recall you giving us lovely feedback when you ate with us.

Thanks to all for the kind comments. It’s good to be back in FH :heart:


I certainly did give you lovely feedback on the bits that were lovely (like those spicy fries, yum!) and as you have so many delighted customers, I suspect it was just a matter of taste on my part that the overall experience for me didn’t quite live up to the rave reviews. The slow service I put down to you being victims of your success!

It’s great to get dialogue going between pop-ups and local customers here, long may it continue.


Linda and I returned on Saturday evening for our third sampling of the Fowl Mouths pop-up at All Inn One.

The menu is short and is very precise.

Any questions we may have had were fully answered by staff who have had both sampled the food and had clear insight as to how “hot” they found individual dishes.

There is nothing mysterious or deceptive in the menu narrative - the chicken wings are clearly described - Teriyaki Chilli Wings.

Given I am no chilli-hound, I found them hot but certainly not off any scale that may or may not apply.

So another visit and another good quality experience.

We visited after the two night madness of school break-ups that mean pubs and restaurants are flooded by teachers and staff celebrating end of term and I suspect we benefited from that (no criticism - these are generally very jolly in every sense).

No problems about having different accounts of our individual experiences and enjoyment - or otherwise.

It is very healthy after all.


I too thought that Rachael, I thought your previous comments were that you thought the food was amazing!

Anyway I complete stick by my comments as @FowlMouths is completely amazing in my opinion

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Must say @RachaelDunlop both your comments/recommendations were the complete opposite.

Does anyone moderate you, guess I’m asking a question most want to ask in general.

Though will say I think you do a brilliant job, but you can be harsh sometimes.

Sorry xx

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Can’t see why Rachael’'s comments need moderating. She gave her honest, balanced opinion, liking some things, others not being to her taste.


I agree - great to get dialogue going. It’s useful for both parties.
The reason I was confused was because your initial feedback read:

"Had a really great meal with Fowl Mouths last night. Top tip, though - don’t stick your finger in your eye after eating the spicy fries!

Delicious food, fresh and hot and so tasty."

Which seems very different in tone to the above comment & didn’t suggest anything wasn’t to your liking (apart from Togarashi Eye, which isn’t nice for anyone!).

Glad you enjoyed @jgdoherty - it was brilliantly busy with all the teachers & the Haribo they left were a bonus.

And thanks for the kind words @Pauline :blush:

Looking forward to a couple of days R&R before our last week. This month has flown by.

That was my fault, @FowlMouths. I didn’t mention the negatives in my first review as I wanted to be encouraging and they were both minor and probably down to personal taste. I should have mentioned them then or not at all (including now).

The point of my comments above (which I didn’t express very well) was that even as someone not as bowled over as others, I still couldn’t imagine leaving hungry.

Oh wow just had a lovely dinner with the new Greek Pop up. Absolutely delicious. Would highly recommend. Well worth a try


Good to know as thinking of popping by next week…

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