Kitchen Pop Ups at The All Inn One Pub



Good Morning Laura,

Eastern Bloc finished the residency last Saturday, sorry :frowning: ….but we have the lovely @MaltPepperLDN with us to the end of December with an amazing menu, London’s first truly beer led, food concept, pop in and try them out.

All the best

All Inn One
53 Perry Vale, London, SE23 2NE
Phone 020 8699 3311


Hello SE23, how’s it going?

Just wanted to drop by and introduce ourselves as the new residency @AllInnOne , we kicked off yesterday and will be with the guys there until the end of the year – including a Christmas menu. (SALES PITCH ALERT: if you haven’t organised your Christmas gathering yet, and why would you have? It’s mid November! Drop Julia a line and she can ping you a copy across). We’ll be serving food Monday - Saturday.

We’re a couple of South London lads, and occasionally a Brazlian lass, who were inspired by the abundance of amazing beer available in the UK and big, hearty plates of food, so we put the two together! I suppose you’d define our cuisine as British/ European with a boozy twist (though we like to pretend we’ve created a new cuisine.) Our signature dishes include stout braised pork belly, slow cooked cherry sour pork ribs and our really naughty dirty fries.

We’ve come straight from The Bear in Camberwell, and are looking forward to seeing out the rest of 2017 in Forest Hill. You’ll probably find one (or both) of us scouting out exciting beers in @ClaptonCraft to turn into desserts, I’m ALWAYS experimenting with desserts.

We look forward to feeding you,

Dan & John (and sometimes Camilla)
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On one of our regular visits on Wednesday evening we got the first opportunity to view the new Malt & Pepper pop-up menu.

Promptly changed our plans and decided dive in and test the waters.

Excellent menu choices - amongst the best we have seen so far. Their menu was varied and had an interesting effect - our mouths began to water immediately and a sufficiently broad selection to pick from too.

Chicken wings and pulled ham hock croquettes arrived and were simply unctious.

Beef burger and blue cheese and fish cake with poached egg followed - simply great food on a plate.

If anything we over ordered on the whole meal as the first round were snacks - not starters - but we all learn.

Met Dan and John - nice guys and very seriously into their food.

There remains a lot of choice we will have to work our way through.

Front of house staff as usual were impeccable.

Positive comments from those eating at the bar always a good sign too.

This one runs until Christmas and we have seen a Christmas offering coming soon.


Sounds great – might pop by for lunch tomorrow. Where can I find a menu, just want to check if there are enough choices for vegetarians.


Link to menu here…


Thank you for the lovely review @jgdoherty, we’re super chuffed that you enjoyed your visit and can’t wait for you to work your way through the rest of the menu! We’re going to try and keep it fresh and moving with at least a couple of changes each week, so hopefully they’ll be plenty to keep your interest.

We’re going to have a little play with the top half of the menu and add a couple of starter sized portions and some new dishes, we don’t want you to be full before the main event! We’ll be updating the menu on our website every Monday ( so you know what to expect before heading on down, @divya_m, keep your eyes peeled on this, the vegetarian section is going to be my focus during our time in Forest Hill. There are some experimental dishes in the pipeline.

We’ve had a fantastic first week, so thank you to everybody who came down and dined with us.

See you all soon,



I read this and still order 10 wings between us!
The wings were great. Big, served very hot and still really juicy. My only compliant was that the Hot Sauce wasn’t very hot (spicy) but that is personal preference I guess.

My belly pork was tasty too - veg on the side were done to perfection, the dauphinoise potatoes were lovely but too much for me. My wife had the ribs and they were huge too - had to doggy bag them - but very good although more sauce would have been welcome.

All in all great winter food but be hungry or go easy on the starters/snacks or you might struggle to get through the mains!


Snap. I suspect we were in AIO at the same time - were you the family in the window seat perhaps.

We ramped down our selection to five wings - superb.

But they got revenge on us by serving the largest and most tender of belly of pork. Doggie bag for us too.

Would go back just for the dauphinois and Linda thought her ribs were the best she has had in sometime.


Just the two of us there - my wife and I - so probably not us. We were tucked away in the corner…
10 wings between two of us was way too much - 5 is much more sensible.


Happy Monday SE23,

“Revenge is a dish best served tender” as the famous saying goes, @jgdoherty

@Foresthillnick, 10 wings as a starter was extremely ambitious of you, hats off to you for giving it a go though.

Glad you’re enjoying the food! Portion size is top of the agenda for this week, we just don’t want you to leave hungry! There’s some new dishes making an appearance later in the week, keep an eye on the twitter for a sneaky peak (

Have a great week,



I almost ordered 20!


Went in today, tried the cannelloni, veg pie and crumble - was delicious and portion sizes were good. And service was impeccable as always.


Interesting change in the team make-up in the kitchen.

Tonight we had Camilla and Kim in charge.

Quality of food was at its now accustomed high standard.

Wings (strictly five) and burger with blue cheese were excellent btw Linda says the onion rings were heavenly pillows of delight.

Very subtle variation in the fish cake with poached egg and hollandaise sauce - fish cake was a gentler softer presentation - equally superb.

Great to see the team’s qualities in depth - very enjoyable evening.

Thank you to all at @AllInnOne


I don’t normally leave reviews about places (often because I think a lot of local places mentioned on here are tired and a bit overrated) but we absolutely loved the food at the current pop up Malt + Pepper. Simple British pub food done to a very high standard - full of flavour and could tell was using only high quality ingredients. So much so have gone twice in last week!


Thank you all for your lovely comments!

We’re super lucky to have a very talented team who are happy to wildly experiment with beers and flavours, and we’re all chuffed to bits that you’re enjoying the food.

We’re trying something new this week, with smaller plates aimed around sharing, as always a copy of the menu is available here >

Let us know what you think,

John :v:t3:


Hello SE23,

Just a quick note to say “Merry Christmas” from Dan, Camilla and I! We’re coming to the end of our stay here @AllInnOne, and we’ve had an absolute blast! The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and incredibly forthcoming, so thank you!

We’re serving food until 9.30pm today and tomorrow, before taking a few days off with our families, we’ll be back on 28th & 29th December from 5pm until 9.30pm. Saturday, 30th is our last day here (:sob::sob::sob:) and we’ll be open from midday through until 9.30pm.

Have a fabulous Christmas, and hopefully we’ll see you on the flip side!


John, Dan and Camilla x