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Just a heads up, Anita is opening up her pop up in the All In One from the 6th of Jan to the 27th of Jan. Given the massive amount of upset to her with the vandalism of the van she usually uses I think we should all give her a boost and have a meal out there. Enjoy.


Agreed. @AllInnOne’s schedule is available on their website.

Petite Bouchee website:

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Thank you for bringing this up @Londondrz and @anon5422159. Yes La Petite Bouchee are taking over our kitchen from Wednesdays to Saturdays this month from the 6th to the 27th and we hope to see as many lovely people of forest hill coming over to try some seriously delicious french cuisine (just finish a bowl of Coq au Vin :slight_smile: so if you had this crazy idea of giving up alcohol and going on a diet this month please don’t, wait until the end of Jan. For Menus have a look at their new website


We are regulars at AllInn One and enjoyed a birthday meal for 7 last night courtesy of La Petite Bouchee at All Inn One. Greatly enjoyed by all, tasty and plentiful bistro style dishes and clean plates all round! Cosy dining room with an open fire. The January pop up is a fine addition for us in SE23.


I shall certainly be going with Mrs TWT.

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Thank you so much for all the support you have shown us. We’re delighted to be at All Inn One for January and looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones too.

We’ll be serving the Bar Menu tomorrow night from 5pm and then the restaurant will be open for the following times from Saturday 7th.

Saturday: Brunch 10:30am-12:30pm
Lunch 12:30pm- 3pm
Dinner 5pm -10pm ( last orders 8.45pm)

Weds-Friday - Dinner 5pm-10pm ( last orders 8:45pm)

We are starting to get relatively booked up so I am attaching the link here for reservations. (

I also have pleasure in attaching the menus.

We look forward to welcoming you and wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year

La Petite Bouchée team ( Anita-Clare)


Fantastic, Zoe and I look forward to the lobster !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Zoe knows what the deal with the lobster is ! I look forward to a call from Lucy ! :wink:

Ha ha, she sure does. :slight_smile:

I am booked in for 7pm on Saturday the 14th. I shall be pleased to say bon-soir to anyone else from here who is there too !

It was lovely to meet you and your wife. Thank you so much for coming. :slight_smile:

Went along last night. Lovely idea and a meal for two with three courses and a bottle of wine was around £60. A real bargain these days. I also love simple French dishes which these were. But they should have been overflowing with flavour and these courses barely bubbled. Five different items and I’m afraid none shone out. Lovely staff though.

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Thanks so much for your feedback, I am sorry you didn’t find your experience up to scratch. Thank goodness the other 23 diners went away happy including one quite influential food blogger. What did you have?

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We loved the concept. Price was excellent and the staff were lovely. Enough we thought that we’d give it another go, probably this weekend for the brunch. But…

… that response was just a tad to passive aggressive for my liking. I presume you’ll post the quite influential food blogger review here when done?

We both started with the French Onion soup. Notwithstanding the small portion, the crouton was soggy all the way through as if it had been sitting in the soup for some time. The soup lacked the big punch of caramelization that I would normally expect.

I had the Beef Carbonnade. I’d never seen one with the beef cut so tiny, in this case small 5mm (?) cubes. Mine came with hardly any liquor other than a transparent sheen on the bottom of the bowl. A request for some more was never fulfilled, the only time the staff weren’t up to par.

My dinner companion had the coq au vin and his complaint was there was more vin than coq. He questioned at the time whether the balance in the braising liquor was tipped towards the stock end as that depth of flavour you’d expect particularly from a hearty wine and some brandy just wasn’t’ there either. Some bread would have been great.

The fresh vegetables were perfect though for a table service I’d probably have given them a shine with some butter. We both thought each of our dishes could use much more seasoning.

Did you make your own desserts? We thought they might be shop bought as the lemon tart lacked that tartness you really want from a good version. This leaned towards the sweeter varieties you get in stores. I didn’t try my dinner partner’s almond and apricot tart but I think he thought it was okay.

Oh my god. I was just looking at your Twitter account. This picture of your beef carbonnade looks nothing at all like that one I was served on Saturday. The one from this 11th looks inviting, warming and wonderful. I had a plate of small cubed meat. What went wrong?

This beef Carbonnade was served at La Petite Bouchée last year. Like I said I’m very sorry you found our food lacking and we apologise, because genuinely everyone on Saturday commented on how good the food was.

It certainly was meant in a passive aggressive way. If you feel it was then please accept our apologies. Thank you for your detailed feedback. We’ve taken it on board and appreciate it. We are not sadly open for Brunch service this weekend.

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Yes of course we will post the review. Thanks again for your feedback.

Thanks for that, and it was super to meet your guys as well. Hope to you in Devon later this year. !

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Excellent, Thanks so much again :slight_smile: