Late night eats in Forest Hill?


My friend and I were looking for somewhere to eat in Forest Hill AFTER 10PM last night (Friday). It was a struggle. Maybe my expectations are a little high but I don’t think that’s too late for a restaurant. I find it odd that Bona shuts at 10pm.

We were thankfully saved by the amazing Piazza della Cucina (first time visiting and just so so good) but surely that can’t be it.

Where else is there to get good food (eat-in) in Forest Hill after 10pm?

Recommended shops and services in SE23

Tse is usually still open, The Signal may still do food. Jolly Bee will be open and you can sit in.


Charcoal Grill, Brockley Rise :wink:


Ferfect chicken always seems to be open and al fresco dining is available at Barclays and Paddy Power.


Brothers kebab on Dartmouth Road is great as is Brothers towards Kirkdale. Their kebab wrap is superb.

P.S. Michael, you are a bad man :joy:


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Thanks .


I did wonder whether Ferfect Pizza and @PiazzaCucina got the same sign writers.



chicken :chicken:


Ferfect Michael :joy::joy: