Leaf and Groove [Now open]

Hi SE23. We are Leaf & Groove, we hope to be bringing books & vinyl to 57 Dartmouth Road to bring sustainable support for Forest Hill Library.

Please help us by pledging to our Space Hive crowdfunder.



If everyone could just pledge a couple of quid (£1-£5) to this it would show massive community support for this project to support & give extra funds to our library!

Told ya something special was coming to D Rd soon & you can all help us do this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

What’s not to love about books & vinyl! :books: & vinyl :heart:

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Thanks so much @ChrisBeach for your very generous pledge & to Claire Dow too, who’s one of my customers & follower on twitter after sharing this tonight.

Seriously everyone that just pledges a couple of pounds can help a lot with this, we all seem to be pledging ourselves on this one too.

pledging £2 really helps with this venture :slight_smile:


Haha you kept this quiet! I might still have some vinyl prog rock in the attic…


Hey guys sounds great and really looking forward to seeing you here - I wanted to ask if you need some vinyl donations? I have some that could be interesting - various genres - please let me know as I live in Forest Hill and could pop them over,


For the sake of clarification and to reassure any of those who are concerned that the library service might suffer if this project does not work, please note:

Leaf and Groove is independent from the library. I am setting it up with Charlotte, who many of you may already know from @WatersSE23 and @FHGinClub and we are doing so at our own risk. I will be signing the lease on the building and ensuring the work is carried out and the shop opens. All profits from the sales of donated books and vinyl will then go to the library. There is no support required from the library and should the whole project fail now or down the line then it will have no impact on the library whatsoever.

Support for the library has been amazing, we are inundated with volunteers and donations, but we can not keep going back to the generous people of SE23 every year cap-in-hand, we need a sustainable income to keep the library open and add to the wealth of services we provide. Give a man a fish etc

Leaf and Groove will not look like a charity shop, it will be a supercool* book and record shop with all sorts of other great stuff going on. The Space Hive platform is not like other crowdfunding platforms, we are hoping to raise funds through it by getting grants from some of the bodies who use Space Hive to fund community projects. So please do donate (and thanks to those who already have) but if you can’t do that, then feel free to like and share the page as widely as possible, as the funding bodies will look at the level of community support when making their decisions.

*the fact I am using ‘supercool’ as a superlative should not be taken as an indication of how supercool it will be, and, also, coolness is subjective.


Yes please, very much so! They can be taken to the library or dropped at The Archie Parker if easier. Many thanks.


So happy to support this.

Vinyl is a bit narrow in terms of offering. Will you sell CDs as well? I have so many to donate somewhere.


Yes, I have no doubt CDs will make an appearance, probably some DVDs too, but the main focus is always likely to be the books. Thanks


Brilliant venture, good luck to you all.


Have you missed the memo? Vinyl is supercool (or uber-cool if we want to be really cool about it). Vinyl sales are way up. By contrast, the resale market for CDs is virtually nil.

Best of luck with this venture, guys. I may have some vinyl to donate. 80s stuff mainly. We have duplicates from when me and OH merged our collection.


Blimey - Amazing that you (and others) find the time and energy to do all these things.


Let me know when you drop them off so I can snaffle them up with the proceeds to a good cause. Sadly all my vinyl has gone in the many many moves I have made over the years. I miss my 80’s collection, and eyeliner. :relaxed:


I watched the Brits last night shouting: Who? Who? at the screen. So yep. Probably missed the memo. At the least didn’t see it posted at the cafe.



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HI there - I’ve donated some money for it. I love the idea.

I’m a local writer - who’s debut novel The Life Assistance Agency has been chosen as part of WHSmith’s 2017 Fresh Talent - so I’m always happy to find local shop aiming at that well-read market.

The very best of luck. And I have a few books I’ll put aside to donate.

Tom Hocknell

My Idle Blogs of an Idle Fellow is here - https://tomhocknell.wordpress.com


I’m loving the sound of this. I’ve only just joined the forum, and recently moved into Forest Hill from Derby. I’d be up for volunteering some time if I’m ever free and you need something doing.

If I’d only known about this a few months back, I would have had a ton of books to donate post move! I may still have some to hand over, although I’ve already downsized the collection quite extensively


Shared! Great idea.


Welcome to Forest Hill, and to SE23.life, @wineisallforme :thumbsup:

Regarding volunteering:


Massive thanks to everyone that’s backed this, it’s now gone past the 12k mark :+1::+1::+1:

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