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A friend of mine needs to buy up the roof space above her flat, so that they can have more room (currently overcrowded in a one bed with a husband and 4 year old). She needs to make the whole roof space above her into a bigger flat (loft conversation). She lives locally in Forest Hill/Honor Oak, and needs loft conversion company recommendations. Can anyone recommend? Also her comment is …“Once the finance is received we can purchase the Loft Space which takes approx 6 weeks. Most Loft companies take care of planning permission or is it cheaper to hire an architect separately?” Please can anyone advise on this issue too?

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We have an existing topic that may help: Loft conversion - any recommendations?

I’ll leave this topic open for answers to your friend’s query about planning / architects.


Hi, it would also be prudent for your friend to instruct solicitors to purchase the loft space as it is important to ensure that in conjunction with the purchase that there is a licence for alterations permitting the conversion. Otherwise the terms of the existing lease and the supplemental lease (although a new lease may be granted) will likely not demise any structure of the building and hence installing windows (there are other considerations also) in the roof would not be permitted and some landlords use this to their advantage to require a further premium once the loft space has been purchased. Whether there will be a dormer needs also to be considered as purchasing the roof space would normally only include the internal space and the space above the roof where the dormer would be situated would remain in the ownership of the landlord. Plans should be prepared and annexed to a licence to alter permitting the works with a provision to permit any variations that may be required as part of the planning application etc. In summary, always seek legal advice before purchasing loft space - although your friend may have already done this.


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Has you friend considered buying the freehold? We are doing that now to allow us to take control of the loft and develop it. Going to use selcom lofts if all goes to plan - they have a good rep and do lots of work in the area.


Most lost conversions don’t need planning permission you just need to inform the council - the loft company will do this for you

I’ve just had my loft conversion done using a ‘popular’ local company and not been best pleased…

Loft conversion - any recommendations?

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This is not strictly true. It depends on various factors: if the building has already been extended; is it listed; in a conservation area