Looks like the boards are going back up around Duncombe Hill Green

That’s odd, a statement on the appeal is due on the 21st.

Maybe they misread that as the 12th and are assuming it will be favourable? Either way, that appeal is for the flats, not the enforcement on the hoardings. Maybe we missed something…

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My take on it is they just doing give a flying…no idea why they would do this though, it just antagonises people more and will lead to more objections. Very odd behaviour.

For the record the bits they had up already looked even worse than before.


What how dare they seriously getting annoyed with this now!! We must act and that is wrong to put it up grrrrr

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Lewisham Council have passed it as they always do before a meeting. Passed experience seen it and had to live with it next door for many years. They don’t give a s…t

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What do you mean they have passed it?

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The appeal for the block of flats is with the Planning Inspectorate (prior topic here) - appealing against Lewisham’s prior robust rejection.

The decision on the appeal isn’t up to Lewisham at this point.

Went past again tonight. So the boards are high at the back (looks like over head height) but low on the sides, I guess waist height so a metre or so. The front row has some low boards up and gaps in other places. Not sure if they are leaving it like that, have been asked to stop or are finishing another day. Whichever option very bizarre behaviour.

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What annoys me is the amount of money that gets passed or allowed for these stupid projects to happen.

Who are these people coming into area just deciding what fits best for this community. How dam right disrespectful you are? No heart no local history no care how you spend your pathetic money just to look good and charge ridiculous amount of rent makes no sense but creed.
Of course anyone wanting to show interest in buying… I hope you sleep well at night haunted by the trees that stand strong on this land. Laugh Mock belittle what I say but nature will always over power.

I may not know how to legally go about this or understand such stupid rules to fight my corner but I stand strong in what I believe and love. Let’s not let these bullies come here to tear down or destroy such a beautiful piece of land. Jog on and do one your not welcome there I said how I feel and I don’t care fed up lately of so much crap happening enough is enough!!

To our local council…We pay our taxes we live here so kindly do not continue to turn a blind eye to important issues that matter. Please Help us fight back there are many good people living here and proud of our local history stand with us fight back!! :kissing_heart:

What exactly do they think they are achieving or preventing by boarding the area? Were they anticipating the Battle of Duncombe Green if they left it open, assuming we’d all engage in a mass sit-in for months on end? Very odd.


Wouldn’t be surprised (given Investor Alliance’s previous track record on engaging with both the locals and the Council) if it’s just a “two fingers to you all” gesture.

Does anyone know when their appeal against the rejection of the planning permission request is being heard? (edit - I see ForestHull has said it’s the 21st of this month)


Has anyone told the planning inspectorate that the fence has been replaced? ?