Mamma Dough



Never had a better pizza in London (or Italy, come to think of it) :two_hearts:

Presenting the “New Yorker”:

Great job on the restaurant’s repainted exterior too.

Simple pleasures of SE23
Piazza della cucina - pizza place on Perry Vale
Weekly Update - 20th June
Mamma Dough has branched out to Sydenham [Opening 8th Feb]

WANT this now!
Another place added to my must do list


Have you tried Bona on Dartmouth Rd yet? I actually think it is slightly better than Mamma Dough… the crust is slightly chewier and crispier. But Mamma Dough also exceptionally good!


I have, and it’s also great! But there’s something about the passata sauce they use in Mamma Dough that tastes exquisitely fresh… and the toppings they use are excellent in general.


Both are delicious. The Bona dough is a lot chewier, which leads to a completely different eating experience – you can wolf Mamma Dough down, whereas you have to give Bona your full attention. I made the mistake of ordering two “white” pizzas (no tomato sauce) the only time I’ve been to Bona, so I need to go back and order some “red” ones to give it the full try. I think I still prefer Mamma Dough, but Bona is a very very close second. It’s amazing to have such great choices, and I’m so glad to live in such an awesome place as FH.


I’m hungry just from reading this reply @rotor lol


I suspect this may be for tea tonight! :smiley:


Looks delicious. Do Mamma Dough deliver, though?


No - unless they’ve changed recently. You can order a take-away if you go and collect it (I’ve done that before), but I don’t believe either of these places actually delivers it.

Could be a business opportunity for a local entrepreneur - do something like Deliveroo for the local area and deliver pizzas on behalf of the restaurants.


I’m at the wrong end of SE23 to collect from Mamma Dough. So a walk to BoNa it is…


I’ve never had a chance to visit Bona yet, though technically it is closer to me. My daughter is coeliac so we rarely go out to pizza places anyway, and neither of these has a gluten-free option (yet) as far as I know.

I can eat gluten, so I occasionally visit for a weekday lunch, but since Bona is not open for lunches, I’ve not had a chance to eat there yet despite many recommendations. Mamma Dough is lovely though.

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Mamma dough pizza is exactly the same as SoDo was. The best in the area IMO though the pizza from Le Querce, when you can get it, is equally good. Have tried BoNa too and though it is very good it is not quite up to the same standard. A thicker, chewier base which I also found a little salty. The toppings were also a little less generous.


Mamma Dough do gluten free bases. They also have an option where you can have the toppings on Cannellini beans which is actually amazing!

So much love for Mamma Dough! Must try BoNa too


thanks for that - it was certainly not available last time I asked, but that was a while ago I have to admit. Unfortunately the Cannellini beans option is not that attractive when it is for kids

have you tried their gluten-free bases?


Ha good point about the beans. Well for grown-ups they are delicious!
I have had the gluten free bases too, really enjoyed them but they aren’t sourdough - more like a traditional pizza base.


Nice little mention for both in SE London Journal’s latest edition!


Yes. Also interesting to learn that Mamma Dough didn’t get the big feature because they declined to pay the £200 fee for it. Explains why Vaida’s didn’t appear in the cycling issue…


Can I just say: nobody asked us to pay £200.


Mammadough is good but I do get frustrated with their constantly inaccurate timings for collections. I’d also like to see a few more standard toppings available to supplement the regular menu e.g mushrooms being available every day and not just when there is a special with that particular topping.