Mamma Dough



I’d agree with that @CHfigaro - re timings we have learned that the pizza arrives about 3 times faster than front of house say it will!

Am also a little disappointed that they are no longer opening for lunch during the week, just Friday to Sunday. Seems a little short sighted to me especially with summer here and school holidays not far off.


We bought some pizzas the other night and my wife said:

“best gluten free pizza base I’ve had!”

on to a winner there I think :wink:


I second Bona over Mamma Dough


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Why can’t I access the ‘unruly kids in restaurants’ conversation?


I moved this topic into the Lounge (which is accessible to all members who’ve been on the site for a while, and those who have got themselves verified).

The reason I moved the topic was because it was a rant (my bad) and I didn’t want to associate it too heavily with Mamma Dough, and also I didn’t want to bother new visitors with a visible disagreement.


Currently enjoying the lovely weather, sitting outside Mamma Dough and waiting for a New Yorker.

Pretty hacked off at the smokers wafting into my face. So much for getting some fresh air, dining al fresco :sob:

Absolutely love the sloppy tomato sauce (passata?) at Mamma Dough - it tastes so fresh compared to other places. And the slightly burnt base is lovely and crisp too.


Which just goes to show it’s all a matter of taste and there’s a pizza for everyone in SE23!


You inspired me; just collecting a takeaway!


I’ve been a self-confessed pizza snob for over 30 years and when they opened as Sodo, after years of waiting for a decent pizzeria, was so unimpressed that I decided to one day build my own pizza oven. Reading this thread I’m almost tempted to try them again… Realistically though, they’ll never be as good … or as fresh… As mine!!! :smiley:




It was potty for them to be closed on Bank Holiday Mondays!!


I’m waiting for announcement of deliveries.


It won’t happen. A key reason Dominos were not able to open a delivery hub is that this would have caused mopeds to use a cycle/pedestrian only route at junction Grierson/Honor Oak Park adjacent to restaurant.


Oh joy. The one period of the week we got a break from them, gone.

Thank christ we’re moving soon.


I’ve been sensing some passive aggressive behaviour towards Mama Dough.


From what I understand of the underlying issue, it’s very localised, and has been taken up with the correct authorities by @MattB. He also messaged the forum moderators here about it and we agreed there’s not much that the community can do to resolve the situation, so probably best not raised here.


Yeah, sorry. I think I should leave the forum.

I came here to try and get more out of living in the area, but every time I see Mamma Dough mentioned I just end up thinking about my wife being in tears because the flat she spent three years turning into a beautiful place to live, has been completely ruined by these selfish anti-social jerks.

We’ve had an offer on a place miles away, so we’ll finally be rid of them. And perhaps it’s for the best if I move away from this forum too.

Apologies again.


No need to apologise, and no need to leave the forum. Appreciate you taking the time to contact the mod team, and I sympathise a lot with the situation you were in.