Mamma Dough



Service here seems to be getting worse and worse


I had me some Mama Dough courtesy of Deliveroo. Not quite sure the product travels well. The dought was limp and soggy by the time I got it. Must try it instore one time. I see they are also in Peckham and Brixton.


Same experience: very soggy dough on delivery. Won’t be ordering again and I’m afraid it rather put me off visiting the restaurant (unless people can assure me the dine-in product is markedly better?). This may be a “sourdough” issue anyway as I’ve noticed similar soggy bottom issues at Franco Manca on occasion.


Lucky to live a stones throw from this place and haven’t had a bad pizza yet inside or takeaway. I guess the boxes and heat don’t go well with the pizza or ingredients over a period of time.

Hopefully Voodoo Ray’s opens up over in Peckham soon.


Dine in is delicious, but I agree it doesn’t travel very well - nor does the wonderful Bona either. One to enjoy in person I think!


Agree re: Bona.


Must be slow delivery, I’ve done collection and driven back home to the other side of the south circular and the pizzas have been great, but I’m always there just as they come out of the oven.


I think that the pizza boxes must be put in a delivery bag as this would make them soggy - the boxes have holes for this reason. The pizzas on site are superb as they are takeaway too.


At last! :+1:t2:


Update … my garden pizza oven was finished Aug 2016 and 200+ pizzas later there’s no way I am ever ordering a local pizza again. Thank you Mamma Dough for changing my life forever … :slight_smile:


would you put up a pic Mark, or share design details of what you built? I have built a decent clay woodfired oven in the past, but would like to consider some more efficient options for a self build.


Seconded - I am planning a garden redesign and a pizza oven may be part of it…


I’m hiding this thread from my OH as a matter of urgency…


I’d also be keen to see this. Whilst Mammadough is nice, I do think it’s very pricey and have also been considering a pizza oven in my garden. My wife thinks it would be a white elephant, however!


This is a good alternative. Smaller and less permanent.


As an owner of 14 bbq’s I have been looking at BBQ pizza ovens. And why not :smile:


Mamma Dough is branching out beyond Honor Oak:


Ladywell will be the fourth branch since the split with the North/East London partners.

Brixton and Peckham been going for a while.


No-one could ever say we’re short of pizza around here…


In Mamma Dough this eve, very excited to be eating in my regular haunt again.

I asked the waiter how things were since Dominos moved in down the road. Apparently it’s all good. The two restaurants serve “different clientele” :+1: