Mayow Park ice cream van

Today the fumes from this van we’re particularity noticable in the playground at Mayow Park.

To me it seems totally incongruous to have a 1987 reg diesel continually running it’s engine down wind of a children’s playground and the fitness area.

We have signs asking people not to smoke near the playground, the ULEZ coming to the south circular, even a sugar tax… But presumably this thing has a licence from the borough to park in a lovely green space by the playground and run it’s engine all day long with fumes even visible from the exhaust.

To me it would make sense if an electric point could be installed there so the ice cream could be chilled without the diesel, but I’ve no idea how or who to suggest this to.

Any ideas?


There’s been a lot of discussion about this already on the forum (Mayow Park is in SE26).

… but you are more than welcome to discuss it here too, @ForestHull

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Is that you mean @RachaelDunlop ? A five minute search found various passing references to the Mayow ice cream van, but nothing specific to this issue… would you be able to link to some exact thread?

(Thank you @anon5422159)

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Back in ancient history I had a holiday job with a nylon Yellowand Blue coat and a blue bike with a large box the bottom layer was dry ice and i sold lollies, tubs and family bricks managed around 6 hours before the danger of melt not sure of the polluting effect of the ice but certainly no other fumes!!

Bring back the Wall’s man :rofl:


Is this the van in question?

Different reg so no.

I thought this a while back while pushing my baby past in his pram but the thought must have slipped my mind. It’s disgusting to walk past - I actually couldn’t get over the taste. It made me really angry.

Could he perhaps park on the street rather than in the park itself while someone pushes the council to install plugs for him to hook up to? I guess the flip side of this is it’s someone’s business that probably doesn’t make enough turnover to justify investing in a new van. However if the council could invest in plugs so he can still operate without the motor it would be better for all?

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My mistake, it was the Friends of Mayow Park Facebook group.

Of course! I didn’t mean to imply that it wasn’t a suitable topic for this forum as many of us use the park. Just that there might be useful information to be had on SE26 sites.


It’s very thoughtful of you to consider someone’s livelihood - but why should the council spend our money to help this guy! It’s for HIM to consider the childrens’ health and invest in whatever equipment he needs to operate his money-making machine in a child and park-goer friendly way.

By the way, an old friend of mine had a few ice cream vans; and you wouldn’t believe the pile of cash that he had to go through on a Monday morning after a sunny weekend.


If it is a money making machine then couldn’t agree more.

I would imagine there is a fee and licence for that ‘pitch’ and over the years the council has taken some income which ideally would have been used to improve the park.

Also let’s not forget the years before b&g opened - the ice cream van was perhaps the only amenity, and probably valued more than it is today. Attitudes and awareness have also changed more recently as childhood obesity becomes a serious problem.

While in an ideal world the ice cream man would look to improve his businesses environment impact, history shows that profits repeatedly trump morals and common sense and that is why we needed regulation (especially when it comes to diesel).

I feel a FOI to the council to get terms and licencing income for that pitch might be interesting. Then a follow up letter to suggest consideration of putting a plug in.


Please let us know if you manage to find out what the rent and terms are for that pitch.

According to posts on the Mayow Park FB page, the owner of the van has already spent money on retrofitting the van with components to reduce the emissions as much as is possible.

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I have actually just put in a FOI to the Council, requesting to receive details on the licensing fees and terms, and to confirm whether any environmental or health assessment has been conducted as part of the licensing scheme. I’d be happy to update y’all once I hear back.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m not fundamentally against ice-cream vans, as such, but at the very least environmental and health considerations should be factored in to their licensing. After all, an ice-cream van is typically a private, profit-making business and a local park is a public good funded predominantly by taxpayers.


I wonder if (s)he did?

Someone asked him and he said yes. Reported in several of the threads on the topic on the Friends of Mayow Park FB page.

Thanks. That link may not work for people who aren’t Facebook members, or who aren’t members of that group on Facebook, so here’s the comment I think you’re referring to, for the benefit of others: