Mayow Park ice cream van



Thanks, @Chris. There are other posts saying the same thing, most less grumpy than this one!


While a DPF will help (and indeed this vehicle has a solid MOT record), the best upgrade is surely to switch off and plug into a power point. Let’s face it a 1987 reg diesel is never going to be clean - it was built in a very different era e.g. 13 years before lead was banned from petrol in the UK!

I don’t see anything contentious about this other than who should pay for it. In my view it should be the council, but if this can’t be done I don’t agree that profits should be made from children while simultaneously polluting their play space. I do like ice cream though.


There’s another (at least I don’t think it’s the same) who often parks on the South Circular outside the Horniman. Given it’s a red route and it parks just over the top of the hill, I’m surprised that it’s allowed. But there’s often a queue so perhaps any fines are worth the risk.


What would the power point be powered by.


I think Darren is missing the point. Kids walk next to road, yes, where pollution might be expected. But in a park that’s supposedly closed to road vehicles, they can justly expect not to be treated to a fug of fumes while they’re playing. As a Mayow Park jogger, I run in the park to be able to breathe cleaner air.