Montage Cafe [Closed]

Sign on Montage suggests the lease is for sale. Does anyone know anything? We really like it and would be sorry to see it go.

Only know as much as the listing says:

£15k p.a
Premium on application
Lease assignment (8 years left)

Agree that it will be a shame to see it go. The gallery space in particular is a great asset for the area, even if it is a bit hidden.

Oh no! This is our favourite coffee shop (amazing place to have brunch whilst keeping the kids occupied).

I hope it can carry on

25k premium.

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If it’s not too off-topic, can you explain what this means?

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Yes. I’ve seen this before but have no idea myself.

A premium is an upfront one off payment to take on an existing businesses lease, with the monthly rent, business rates etc still having to be paid as normal by the new tenant.

Normally businesses asking for a premium would show a history of accounts to merit this.


Am not saying this is the case here but quite a few businesses do this sort of thing to ‘test the market’. It does necessarily follow that they are leaving.

There’s a big TO LET sign up on the upper part. Since the cafe is still running it seems to imply that the space to let is above?

The whole of the property is TO LET as per listing -

Ground Floor Retail - 48.60 sqm 523 sq ft
First Floor Office 42.90 sqm 462 sq ft
Basement 13.25 sqm 142 sq ft

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Montage currently occupies the whole building.

Any news updates of if the Montage has managed to sell their business? And if there’s a new business opening?

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Montage posted on Facebook that they are looking for another premises.

Don’t know if anyone has taken it on yet Mr.

I’ve heard today that what was “The Montage” will now become a hairdressers…

“Kids on the Hill” is now closing for good too.

About time Forest Hill had a hairdressers.


Spotted a licensing application on the window of the Montage earlier. Looks like whoever is taking over the shop wants to be able to sell alcohol. As yet, no sign of it on Lewisham’s list of current licensing applications.

Forgot to take a photo of the applicant’s name for further digging, but doesn’t sound like a hairdressers. Anyone know any more?

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@weepy made me aware of this a few days ago & I spoke with @MajaHilton about this too at the weekend.

As far as I was aware it was going to be a hairdressers (this info came from the Montage owners) so I don’t have a clue what’s happening now.

Well maybe a hairdresser where you can have a glass of champagne while being pampered :smiley:


Maybe, I thought that too :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: