Montage Cafe [Closed]


A hipster barbers and craft gin house?



Sounds great unless the barber likes the gun too much, - proper male grooming parlour would be good! And I mean grooming as in grooming



Get you two @Starman & @anon10646030 your ideas are not bad BTW I think :+1:



Fingers crossed for a trendy place to drink cocktails etc



That could well be possible, but only what I’ve been told rather than what will happen :slight_smile:



As we hope to house @FHGinClub in our basement I do hope not.



There had been a previous application for a bar in this site, but it isn’t really a good site for such an establishment (the layout is quite limited). That application from 2011 was withdrawn by the applicant.
It would also be a shame to lose another A1 retail unit unless it were for a seriously good bar. A vibrant high street requires enough A1 retail and related shops that are open during the daytime - not just pubs and take aways that open in the evenings.
And then there is the problem of the position - next to a pub, opposite a pub, with two pubs within 1 minute walk, and another four pubs/bars about three minutes away!
I look forward to viewing the application whatever it is for.



My problem with dartmouth road is that everything is closed by the time commuters come home so there can be as many shops as they like but useless if the opening times don’t reflect the working public so bars and pubs make more sense to me, I totally understand the need for independany shops to have a life outside the shops but unfortunately I cannot support them as much I would like too, if I want to get some bread from an independent shop at 6 on my way home I find them closed so no point to venture up dartmouth road, same with flowers etc, don’t get me wrong I do understand the challenges but for me that’s the reason why I go straight home and do not walk up the road or go straight to Sainsbury’s



I can sympathise with this.

I used to run a hairdressing salon at 53a from 1987 -1995 and soon learned that I needed to take on staff who wanted to work later into the evenings - up until around 9pm - because, prior to that, most of our potential clientelle was walking past the shop either on weekdays en route to or from the station when it was closed or on a Saturday when we were at full capacity with pre-bookings.

I know that it’s not always easy for shopkeepers to stay on late to get a piece of the commuters’ action due to family commitments etc but I do think they’re missing a trick if they don’t - even for one late-night-opening a week.

Maybe after improvement works there might be a new vibe going on, which could give things a bit of a lift and a renewed enthusiasm possibly for a Forest Hill late night opening until 8pm every Thursday or whatever?

From my point of view, I hope the Montage premises becomes almost anything other than another hair or beauty salon; and, if it is an eatery or bar, it opens for at least a few of the ‘normal’ shop opening hours to help with footfall.



That was my thought where I grew up shop opening times were very restricted and I totally get the need of family times for independent shop owners but we had late Thursdays where shops been open until 8 which was great to know and you actually waited till Thursday to go shopping, I think it would be worth a try😃Just an example and I seriously don’t want to criticise any particular shop, I ordered from forest hill food assembly and thought I got some great meat etc and will pick some bread up on the way down since I have been on dartmouth road already only to find everything shut and had to go to sainos , again it’s a difficult one but worth a thought

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Sweeny Todd’s bought a revolver?

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Maybe it’s going to run a data disposal service.



Well it could be like 161 which is a genuine asset to the area for both locals and those further afield.



I agree about opening times, I always forget everything closes at 5. I had a hair appointment at 5:30 a few weeks ago and arrived early, thought I’d have a coffee and browse the shops but everywhere was closed. I had to have a glass of wine instead…



You are so brave. We salute you.



Just saying I close at 6 every night not 5 :lollipop::lollipop:



The company referenced on the application is registered (since December) as a hair dressers so …

Fancy hair dressers with champagne treats ?



Good sleuthing. Maybe they are looking for a USP considering the number of hairdressers in FH already!



I notice the licence suggests opening hours till 11 pm so a hairdresser’s seems unlikely.



So it’s sounding like the clientele WILL be letting their hair down then. Whether half cut as well remains to be seen, arf arf…