I think one day late night opebing is a great idea on Dartmouth Road if all traders agreed to it, and it would probably boost the pubs and restaurants also. Worth a try if it can be co-ordinated.


We tried this before, but not enough took part to make it a success.

Happy to try coordinate this again with your help if you don’t mind.

If you can email me your suggestions I can then forward the idea to all Traders & Cc you or just reply here & I can copy & paste your suggestions & keep you up to date on responses.


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Happy to engage in either, just give me a shout :slight_smile:


Saw some building materials being delivered to what was The Montage this morning, so I took the liberty of going inside to find someone to confirm what it will be & the builder told me it was going to be a hairdresser, so it another hairdresser after all.


I was just thinking that this exciting news is something that Hillview (pauline’s parrot) will want to report, so i was pleased to see he is an avid reader and was already second with the news.

I don’t think the other forum would have any posts if they didn’t copy all the news from here!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I know your posts get repeated too a while later aswell as some others - shame he can’t find his own news & updates.

Never seems to be any replies on there, so not very helpful to locals I don’t think.

At least we don’t have to worry about posting more than once as it gets copied pretty soon after, less work for us :+1:


Twitter is abuzz with reactions to this news:


Met the new owner today & he seemed really nice.

He said he’s aiming to open in a couple of weeks.

When I asked what it will be he said “pampering & tailoring” he told me he previously worked on Savile Row.

The alcohol license has been granted & he said this is mainly for giving clients complimentary drinks.




Hi Pauline, would you have a contact for the new owner of The Montage please?



No, sorry Ged. I just had a quick chat as he was busy doing the shopfit.


New sign up. Kinda opaque as to what it is ?!


Interesting. Can someone post a pic?


Took this pic on my way back from the Library this afternoon. Looking good!

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Interesting! It transpires that the upcoming cafe in Kirkdale, “The Moustache” is a venture by the owners of Montage: