More wheelie bin annoyance


A poor excuse but we are kindred spirits in that alcohol refreshes the parts other drinks cannot. :champagne::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There would be fewer excuses for blocking the road with bins, if the Borough Councils in London were more helpful reserving spaces when needed. Currently Lewisham and other Councils will only reserve a parking area e.g. for removals, if the road is in a Controlled Parking Zone. So residents in this case may have no choice but to use bins, planks, cones etc

It seems wrong to me that someone moving house has the additional stress of trying to block off a space for a removals lorry. The Council makes an exception for their own works, e.g. tree surgeons, but the ordinary resident is not helped. The fee is high if you’re in a CPZ and need a bay blocked off, feels like a tax on moving house, which is already very expensive without this additional punitive fee from the Council.

Regular offenders - well I would favour them being charged with obstructing the Highway.


The lovely people opposite us do put their bins in the road, but the elderly mother is only just getting on her feet, so they put them there to get her in the car quickly. To be honest our roads & Grierson Road are normally full with people parking before they go to the station, so can’t say I blame them!


As I found out when we moved, you may reserve a space outside your house for removals, the council will put up a notice but is powerless to stop people parking there. All they can do is fine them hence we had to resort to putting bins out the night before the removals vans arrived with polite notices asking people not to park there. They still did.


Thats a positive change. They offered nothing when we moved in early 2016. As noted it was a final bit of unneeded stress. Fortunately not a problem on the day. No bins needed.


I don’t think anything has changed. You can, for a fee, reserve a bay in a CPZ, but not where there is no CPZ

They can tow away offending vehicles.


No they can’t, not according to the parking scooter guy and Lewisham parking where I paid for the permit.

How to deal with Abandoned Vehicles

Curious. I wonder why Lewisham doesn’t tow illegally parked vehicles? It happens in other Boroughs on a daily basis. Do you have the energy to follow up and report back to us?

How to deal with Abandoned Vehicles

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How to deal with Abandoned Vehicles

Jumping on this thread to have a bin rant

People dumping their crap in my paid for brown bin which I left out on the street. Seriously.

Are they still emptying brown bins? I wonder if they refused to empty it because of the black bag bin liner (obviously not mine).


Yes, Lewisham explicitly say they won’t empty recycling or green waste bins if there are black bags in them. This is because the bag might hide inappropriate items. Someone has been very cheeky indeed. If you want that bin emptied, you’ll have to empty the bag. And maybe tape a note to the bin saying you have CCTV set up to catch anyone doing it again. :wink: