New (possible) restaurant - cast your vote


Frankly, the OP seems to be floundering around with ideas so much that I have little confidence we will see an end result. I find the number of departures from the original concept over the course of only a few days exasperating; this currently reads more like market research for a school project rather than a serious attempt to gauge local market reaction.


I would say it’s more the conversation that’s floundering around than the OP. He asked what people thought of a specific proposal. The responses suggest the original proposal hasn’t caught the imagination of this small sample of readers. That’s informative in itself.

At the very early stages of feeling out a possible concept, this sort of back and forth is very typical. As is the tendency for people to stick their hands up and ask for their favourite thing. So I’d agree it’s not the most robust form of surveying. But it’s still a useful excercise as part of a wider strategy.

I think the best advice to come out of the thread is to trial whatever concept he goes with on a pop-up basis.


Totally agree with @RachaelDunlop’s points.

This isn’t an ideal website for conducting serious market research - but it is great for doing straw polls, and exploring imaginative new culinary options for SE23 that make our mouths water in anticipation :yum:


The OP stated what he thought he might like to produce and asked for other suggestions. I feel his request has been answered and then some. First rule of business, find out what your potential customers want!


The previous business was Chinese /sushi was it any good? My hubby is a sushi chef and checked this place out but he has no funding to open up a placre one day. Also there is hibagon not far for sushi.


I voted for ‘other’ kind of restaurant. Ideally I would love to see an excellent vegetarian restaurant - perhaps based on the hugely popular ‘Food for Thought’ which was located in Neal Street, Covent Garden for 40 (?) years, but recently closed after its rent was raised.

Other cuisines would also be of interest. Ambience is very important as well as cuisine. A restaurant that pays some attention to acoustics would be popular with me - please no music or at east turn it down, and maybe some sound-absorbing furnishings. Don’t need any more restaurants where conversation is drowned out by music, or 100% hard surfaces means everyone is shouting and no-one can hear.


Hey @Spark6 I never tried the previous Chinese I’m afraid. Would you and your husband fancy a drink one of these evenings? I wouldn’t mind exploring the sushi option (even if unlikely final choice) with someone who has experience with it. Cheers


Hi @Pauline1, I heard about Temple of Seitan and I admit I had to google what seitan actually is… and I discovered it’s wheat gluten, which makes me laugh a bit because gluten free was one of the current trends and now a trendy/hipster place dares to make mock chicken made of gluten!
Jokes aside, I would provide a vegan option (I’d need to experiment with some ingredients) to appease the non meat eaters.

And re @Forestmother mentioning children, I think a mini version of cotoletta made of chicken (chicken goujon basically) would appeal the little ones.

Cotoletta would be served with home made chips / roast potatoes, which can become mash in the kids’ menu.


Hey fabio yeh my husband can meet you. What’s your number he’ll call you. I cant see a direct messgae option on here.


It looks like the restaurant first mentioned in this thread is being refurbished. I had a look through the windows and saw a sign for “Matoom Thai Bistro”. Sounds like a great addition.


I’d like to see a nice salad and juice bar. It’s hard to find good take out fresh salads with a wide variety. I would probably be in every day to grab a juice :blush:


The new place has been described to me by the freeholder as a Chinese/Thai take away. That sounds a bit dry and not too exciting, let’s hope it’s more than that!!


Any advancement on your plans?


I decided against venturing into food for now, it would be too demanding on the side of my daily job. Thanks for asking!


:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy: @fabiodebe xx


Hmmmm. Chinese/Thai takeaway opposite a Chinese restaurant with a Thai round the corner. I know a bit of healthy competition is fine and everything - but so’s a bit of originality! A nice Japanese takeaway or inventive veggie place would’ve filled the spot nicely.


Any sort of Asian restaurant would be great as long as it is authentic. So no Chow Mein and no MSG!
Possibly Malaysian/Indonesian or Vietnamese. Maybe real seafood?


I agree with Alannah
I’d love somewhere with really good salads (Ottolenghi style) to eat in and take away.
I’d definitely become a regular


We were offered a new/possible restaurant vote back in February and my opinion is still firmly the same because, as sophisticated as many locals’ palates may be, Bona Pizza has clearly demonstrated that providing a simple, consistent, quality product guarantees bums on seats and cash in the till. I’m sure it would keep Deliveroo busy as well!