New retail development at Bell Green



I would just like to put in a little reminder that quite a lot of local residents in that are don’t shop at Waitrose and would most likely never use a park. As much as “we” would like both let us not forget the local demographic would appreciate a Lidl or Aldi more than both of those.


With all respect I don’t think any of us can speak with any authority as to what the local demographic would or would not appreciate. Although having said that I can’t imagine any demographic that doesn’t use a park. Go to any park in London and all ages, races, creeds, colours and social grades are using it. In fact you might successfully argue those of us “waitrose shoppers” with our own gardens are perhaps less likely to use a park than those without a private green space.


Perhaps there should equally be a little reminder that quite a lot of local residents don’t shop at Aldi. Just because you do doesn’t automatically make it a good idea or mean that everybody wants to. I’ve never been to Aldi so have no opinion either way. Equally, just because Chris likes shopping in Waitrose it doesn’t automatically make it a good idea.

@JamesEvans thanks for the photos. Definitely captures the gasometers in the best light. Perhaps there could be a photo exhibition inside the new Aldi store, so that people can enjoy the best views at any time. They have a certain beauty and some have been listed, but I’m not convinced that every gasometer needs to be listed.


Seems supermarkets are an emotive issue!

Let’s put it to the SE23 jury. Which supermarket would you rather see joining Sainsbury at Bell Green:

UPDATE: poll closed. After feedback I’ve created a better poll

  • Aldi
  • Asda
  • Lidl
  • Marks and Spencer
  • Morrisons
  • Tesco
  • Waitrose

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Why not a choice of non-supermarkets?
Why not include keeping it how it is, building a secondary school (grammar if you want to cause extra page hits), building a Bakerloo line terminus, building housing, or a massive sink hole to replace the ones in the town centre?


Can we have a None Option, please, and also a No Opinion option. Otherwise the survey is flawed.


@Londondrz - Your comment about parks mystifies me. As someone who uses local parks 365 days a year, I can tell you they are busy, vibrant places packed with people from every demographic you can imagine. As more housing is being built without private outdoor space, we need more not fewer parks.


The above survey is for people’s preferred choice of supermarket, given that a second supermarket is coming.

But we can have multiple polls. By all means, create another poll for other things we’d like to see as part of the plans.


Not sure this forum really represents the local demographic. Also there’s a Waitrose not a million miles away at Beckenham.


As someone who has designed questionnaires for a living, I can tell you your survey is meaningless if you are asking respondents to self-select. Not giving other options means also means you can’t draw any conclusions from non-responding rates. And you don’t need multiple polls. One is more efficient and effective.

Of course none of that really matters given the respondents are limited to members of this forum. But I can’t let sloppy methodology go unremarked. :wink:


That was my point.


I think the preference for supermarket is really a separate topic from the specific site use of Bell Green. The poll should be separated into a different topic (not necessarily related to Bell Green), or the poll about Bell Green should include a wider diversity of possible uses.


@Michael, @RachaelDunlop, @Foresthillnick, @Insight, @dechips, @Dave - after feedback I’ve created a better poll and closed the above straw poll.


A Bakerloo station, or even a regular station on the existing NR line would be good in both improving access to the site via public transport and also a good facility for local residents, though it may prove a double-edged sword from a traffic perspective if people used the existing car park for commuting/park-and-ride.


I don’t want another supermarket, or the traffic that goes with it. I would like to see Sydenham High Street regenerate. I don’t see how this is going to happen if we keep allowing these developments.

The Bell Green site has been given over completely to shops, but for a small bit of housing. Bell Green is now a huge, mostly empty car park, full of litter.

I can’t speak about whether the 1882 gas holders are worth preserving, from a heritage point of view, as I’m not an expert in gar holders or industrial architecture. Probably something those who do the listing should decide.


What about a cinema?


I would second a cinema as the parking and space for restaurants on site would make it an attractive option. Surely large supermarkets are becoming a thing of the past with the ease of the delivery options available. Who needs Waitrose when you have Ocado - except for the perceived boost to house prices.


@Chipcity Can I just point out that a lot of people in Bell Green don’t have access to Ocado and the thought of using a Waitrose would be laughable. There are a lot of people there who don’t get to go to the cinema as it is expensive.

Can we step back and view the site through the eyes of the locals as apposed to us from FH who cycle there on our Bromptons.

Look at it from the locals point of view and not near local.


@Londondrz - I agree we shouldn’t assume everyone wants what we want. But I’m wondering if you are also making assumptions about people local to Bell Green. Do you have information on the demographics on the area? As it happens, I live 10 minutes walk from Bell Green which I assume makes me local. It’s a very mixed area as far as socio-economics are concerned. Plenty of Brompton-riders, Ocado vans a-plenty.

Let’s not forget any development with parking will have a larger catchment area than those immediately local.


It was meant somewhat tongue in cheek - the bit about Ocado and Waitrose. I would still like one but could not afford to shop there everyday. I agree that cinema prices are much more expensive than I remember them but I am not sure that there is such a economic divide of people using cinemas as you suggest.

Deliveries are usually free and Tesco and Asda deliver also and without a car surely that is invaluable to people as opposed to another large supermarket.