Non human visitors & residents of SE23


The fox photo is superb! Right place right time!


Ha. I just saw the fox photobombing the picture.


Not really. They sit there all the time and the far one isn’t as comfortable to be near people so sits behind the shed and sticks it’s head round.


I live on the first floor so it was a bit of a surprise to find this large snail making its way up my window last month.


Gorgeous :heart_eyes:


A pheasant! Those toads are beaut!


Very noisy indeed.


They should not be putting them in the countryside :frowning:


They were most likely shot or illegally hunted by hounds :frowning:


Not sure whether to start a new thread for the new season? It’s been a slow few weeks. Glad to see some tadpoles survived in frozen pond. Birds getting busy, and finding their voices.


Not the best photo but I was a bit surprised to meet Mr / Ms Toad in the kitchen…


In your kitchen ???:grimacing:


We had a visit from this cute little fella today which we think might be a bank vole - does anyone recognise it?

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Amazing macro shots, Al :metal:


Thanks Chris - tried to get some spiders but too much wind moving them about.

One more, heavy crop.


Just had this lovely visitor to the garden. A homing pigeon I guess who was hungry and thirsty - we gave it some food and water and off it went…

Very tame!

ETA - it’s back this morning. Looks like it has got lost or decided to have an easy life.
I’ll report it online


Froglets gone - back to insects…