Non human visitors & residents of SE23


We are now getting wood pigeons back in our garden, since a local hunting cats owners have moved, :sweat_smile: phew!


I don’t dislike then, but the Fox family near me is very noisy at night.

I have been hoping to see a stag beetle, but no luck. Instead, last night I found on my window ledge an alarming wasp-like insect of significant proportions. Horrid.


Can we have a “maximum six legs per creature” rule on photographs, here, please?


Cocks rifle :wink:


Have their been many sightings of Parakeets recently? I was wondering the other day as often used to see them in the garden but havent for many months.


I saw a flock of green birds flying across the street ahead of me on Devonshire Road the other day. I’m pretty sure they were parakeets but did not get a long enough look to be certain.


@LukeSlatford … I’m sure there are thousands in your garden. Closest Forest Hill has to their natural environment.

Seen a few down our end recently.


I prefer to keep things wildlife friendly and reduce carbon!


Cool - will keep an extra keen eye out when working from home tomorrow!


Yes, they congregate there every evening and fly off in a reasonable size flock, having a good squawk as they go.


I’m really bad at counting :smirk:

Ok no more spiders for a while!


Evil b%st%rd.



Not much eating on it mate - racing pigeons are light!
Wood pigeons however… Yummy…


Hi folks… I rescued a female stag beatle from a spider web this morning. Haven’t seen one of these for years!


Wow, nice pic


woodpecker in the garden the other evening