Non human visitors & residents of SE23

Is this in your garden? Amazing if so! Great shot.

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Caterpillar munching on a nasturtium leaf just now! I returned it to another leaf afterwards.


Yup - that’s it sitting on my daughters swimming costume drying in the sun after a stint in the paddling pool.

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On my way to the allotment tonight went past Sainsbury’s Bell Green and low and behold I believe the Peregine Falcon was there. Miles away mind you but I have a record shot - unless someone tells me it’s not a Peregrine Falcon!


They’ve been seen there before. Simon McCormack took a really good photo but I can’t find it on his Twitter feed.

This morning there were 3 peregrines flying around Christ Church spire.

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We found this little guy inside our flat!! Our kitten actually found him and alerted us. Luckily the cat isnt too bright and caused him no damage. We think he’s a slow worm. We released him in some nearby overgrowth.


That’s amazing - I didn’t realise we had any near here!

I’ve never seen one myself, but I’m told they can be found in and around the nature trails near the railway.

I little bit of information about slow worms from the Forest Hill Society Newsletter in 2017.


A pair of ‘courting’ slow-worms filmed in Forest Hill


Are you sure they aren’t just the tentacles of something much larger hiding behind the rocks :grimacing:!?!

I’ve deleted the link and re-uploaded. The clip was starting in the middle instead of the beginning - where you can clearly see the heads of the creatures. The male has the female’s head in his jaws.

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We are on elsinore road but apparently lots round here! We have been told the cat downstairs (we’re in a maisonette) regularly brings them in for his catmum. We suspect this one escaped or was left in the communal porch area when downstairs puss heard our puss upstairs.

@Estelle also on the same road and now feeling slightly anxious :rofl:! My other half thinks this is amazing and desperately wants to see one…I’m not so sure I do!

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I agree with your other half! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Estelle sounds like you could organise a tour and be the guide!

Always amazing the wildlife you have, within SE23 or just beyond we appear to have had:

Toads, Newts, Frogs
Owls have been heard I believe, not sure if spotted
Peregrine Falcons
2 types of woodpecker
Many bees, moths and butterflies
Hedgehogs (never seen one myself - need more hedgehog routes through fences)
Seem to remember a pheasant being photographed
Stag beetles
Loads of birds - Great tits, blue tits, longtailed tits, robins, greenfinches, goldfinches, blackbirds, jays, crows, nuthatches, starlings, wood pigeons, doves and many more I have left out.
Loads of interesting little creatures like ants, beetles, worms, hoverflies etc etc


@oakr when we moved here I really didn’t imagine there would be this fantastic assortment of wildlife!


Yes it’s quite amazing- Kingfishers and Peregrine Falcons for me are just amazing to have for me.

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Managed to get this ghostly image of a bat flying in the garden the other week. Had to use a flash as it was pretty dark at the time.


Stag beetle in Normandy a couple of weeks ago. Looks different to the ones we have round here.



Ironically I was in Normandy a few weeks ago trying to get photos of bats - tricky in the fading light so well done on your photo!

Is that definitely a stag beetle?