One day left on kindness giveaway

Hi friends, it’s me Don (I’ve sneaked over here from East Dulwich Forum sshhhh),

I want to tell you about an event that is very special to me so please bear with me.

Imagine a world in which kindness was the norm and not the exception! In today’s polarised and politicised times it seems almost unthinkable. And yet, something still give me the belief it is possible!

Why? Because of the direct result of a stranger’s selflessness years ago, which I experienced when my landlord kicked me out of my place.

I couldn’t find anywhere to stay, and I couldn’t figure out how to solve it given I was working long hours in a demanding job.

Luckily, a chance phone call put me in touch with somebody who gave up his time to ring around, and view potential accommodation, finally setting me up with a place to live. I moved into a dream place, never having met that kind stranger face-to-face!

He was the first person I invited over to the new home, and when I asked him why he had helped a stranger, he said,

“It was my choice, I enjoyed it…I help you, you help me, everybody happy.”

His words became my mantra, and I discovered through becoming an agent of kindness, that I unexpectedly received such a feelgood high (the so-called Helper’s High), I also met new friends with whom I shared amazing experiences, and my karma was off the charts too.

This gave rise to the thought: what if there was a platform that brought people together to have fun, whilst doing meaningful acts of kindness for each other? And so DMAFB (Do Me A Favour Buddy) was born.

I think you’ll agree, with the way things are going in the world, it’s just common sense to look out for each other - If not us then who?

To celebrate our relaunch, DMAFB will be giving away a MacBook Pro and a FairPhone 2 to a lucky individual and friend, randomly picked from all who answer the challenge to request or offer an act of kindness, and invite their friends to try out DMAFB, before midnight 31 July 2019 (GMT).

To enter the challenge there are just 3 easy steps:

Step - 1 sign up for free at,

Step - 2 post an offer or a request for kindness (e.g. I can walk your dog/I need to borrow something/I want to donate baby clothes - anything really, your imagination is much better than mine)

Step - 3 Click Invite Friends and refer your friends and family to get extra entries.

Every friend you invite that posts a favour earns you an extra 50 entries for you towards a MacBook Pro and they will automatically receive 5 entries towards a Fairphone 2 Android phone for themselves.
The more friends that enter the better the chances are to win.

That’s it. What are you waiting for?

Apologies for the shameless plug.

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Call me Victor Meldrew, or any cynical old goat, but, REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Did not mean to offend …Will change

P.S. May Victor rest in peace :slight_smile:

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Nah - I’m very much alive and kicking thank you!


Ha ha ha touché

Ok. Where is the funding for this? Is it a business venture? A lovely idea I’m sure but seems a bit lacking in transparency.

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I love the idea of this. But an online search finds nothing substantial about the program, except the website and a blog post.

I’d love to participate. I see the mod team have pinned this post globally. Are they confident in the bona fide of this organisation?

Also, @moderators how is DMAFB trust level 3 already? Have the rules changed?

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The profile says “Member” on my looking, which is level 2.

We’re new… but you can check out our Instagram @dmafbme or meet me personally (drinks on me)if you are down in East Dulwich sometime Cheers Don

For clarity

  • “Level 2 - Member” is the third level above New and Basic. Slightly confusing.

  • The post is a promoted one. The forum does get running costs from these promoted posts although that is currently being assessed.

  • Currently the system grants Level 2 membership to users who enter their address and credit card number in order to promote on the forum. Again this is being reconsidered.

  • Promoted posts are pinned to the forum home page for 48 hours.


We’re trying to do everything out of our own pockets, getting press has been difficult (I sent out our press release over 300 times, and only the South London Press picked up the story) - it doesn’t deter us though, I’m happy to provide more details - Don (

Thanks Nick

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Perhaps promoted posts should be marked as promoted.

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That is entirely reasonable however as I say the whole promoted posts\payments thing is under assessment.

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Sorry DMAFB, but I don’t get this.

Apart from all the invites to friends to sign-up and to offer favours to earn loads of points towards the chance to win a phone or a laptop, which I personally don’t like, I also hate your strapline - “I help you, you help me, everybody happy” - because - “I help you” - is where it’s really at!

I’m sure you’re a well-meaning bloke though, so I hope you find the right way to structure your good cause and, once you’ve done that, I’ll be the first to wish you well with it.

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Fair enough- if still a little confusing. So you get a ‘regular’ badge at trust level 2? Even though trust level 3 is called regular?

I have to agree with @Anotherjohn on this, I find this OP and reply’s all a bit weird. Happy to be wrong on this though.

Yeah, and what’s up with the user icons - where is @starman’s star for example? Is it a technical glitch or is it a fake Starman?