‘Our Lady of Forest Hill’ - Street art at All Inn One

Continuing the discussion from New street art at All Inn One:

Looks like it’s still got a bit more work to go, but something impressive looks to be emerging in the morning sun on the side of @AllInnOne:


This is by the very talented Jim Vision, who has done huge pieces on walls, many in Shoreditch but also around the world. Including epic commissioned movie publicity pieces that I particularly like. More here.



Signing it just now. Artist refers to it as ‘our lady of Forest Hill’




Nice bumping into you earlier @ThorNogson :slightly_smiling_face:


Personally it doesn’t effect me and on this occasion I actually quite like it but has anyone experienced or know of anyone who has experienced negative equity as a consequence of a large piece of street art on property nearby?

Really? If anything the opposite. Look at Shoreditch or Peckham and how they went from cool edgy arty to desirable places to live. I’m not saying we’re quite there yet but this is really cool. Any ideas for more spaces around town?

Maybe you could offer your house? :grinning:

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It gets people talking about an area rather than just saying it has got good train links and helps people have more pride in their area. It is something different and I like it.

I would point out though that the heading probably should share the artist’s naming of it as our lady of Forest Hill with its lack of a capital O and L. Otherwise I think you might find disappointed worshippers turning up on Sundays expecting mass as Our Lady of normally describes a Catholic Church.


Funny you should say that… I’m actually getting in touch with people via AIO. Need to look into funding and conservation area issues and I don’t want to make the local rat run even more of an attraction :slightly_smiling_face:

She looks to me more like a pagan tree goddess than Our Lady in the sense of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I wonder why whoever gave her her name (who was it? the artist or @ForestHull? ) called her ‘our lady’ rather than e.g. ‘the lady’, given the connotations of ‘Our Lady.’

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Not me, but Thor explained it earlier… :slight_smile:

Yes, referenced on Twitter here.


There is also an ‘Our Lady of Lewisham’, but she isn’t a mural of a tree goddess, merely an icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary in St Mary’s parish church.

If anyone has spaces to paint we organised this mural with All In One as well as 5 other murals around Forest Hill this year. If yourself or anyone has a public space to paint please contact us at callinglondoninfo@gmail.com and you can see selection of the 600 murals we have organised IN London over the last 5 years here.


Oh man, I love this.