Parking on pavement outside Forest Hill Library

This car has been parking right on the pavement at the bottom of the steps on a regular basis for the last few months. Always around the school pick up times.

Suggest let tyres down

— depending who the driver is, I should add…

Perhaps a polite note under the wipers

This picture alone should be sufficient for them to get a ticket


What would it say? Perhaps: “Please don’t so something which very few other people do and is not acceptable / desireable to others”

I found some (oldish) info suggesting to report an illegally parked vehicle please call 08452 185248 (option 5) or email

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Once again the culprit has parked outside the Library!

Sums up our council,given the evidence yet they do nothing.


It’s probably a parent picking up from school. Some people think it’s OK to park the other side of double yellows on the pavement.

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Nice to see they’ve chosen a little run around to lower their carbon footprint, as they drop the kids off 5mins down the road.


Yeah I’ve seen this advertised, every new Range Rover comes with 12 months’ sense of entitlement as standard.


I have no idea why anyone would think owning a car like that in a city was a good idea. I grew up in the country on a farm and we managed with an ordinary family car.


Definitely worth contacting Lewisham Parking Enforcement to notify the vehicle as being a persistent offender. This is selfish and unreasonable behaviour.


For any questionable parking you can contact:
Parking Services: 08452 185 248 or 0208 787 5397
& PLEASE TELL our local Councillor: (Thorpewood Ave is having a LOT of parking issues right now - Councillor Gibbons says that he only hears from a handful of folk, so it is not an important issue to him unless he hears from more people)
Cllr Leo Gibbons - his email is:


I get the impression people rarely contact Lewisham as they are not interested including our councillors. It seems a shame that the millions spent on Dartmouth Road are being ruined by a lot of on-pavement parking especially at night. Although I hate the concrete balls on some sections, they do seem to work.

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Very strange that Councillor Gibbons has never heard of parking issues on Thorpewood Avenue but perhaps people have given up complaining to the council. It is Forest Hill’s third car park so I can’t see any votes in upsetting the current situation. I’d say most of the residents have resigned themselves to pollution, not being able to park, lower house prices, anti-social behaviour from entitled parents and interest from politicians only at election time. The innocent are the kids who walk to Trinity and Eliot Bank who have to breathe in the pollution from all the cars. I can understand there being no votes in keeping the residents happy but I think we should do something for the next generation or maybe the kids will block the road demanding clean air.

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THANK YOU EmmaJ for that concise & pertinent comment on the SE23 forum. I am cc to Thorpewood neighbours for whom I have email addresses (with permission for those to be made public; others in Bcc). We have been battling for years on this issue, but this is the 1st time I have seen Thorpewood described as the 3rd FH car park! Sadly true. Cllr Gibbons is well aware of the problem, but says that complaints from ONLY 3 residents is not enough to trigger further action - although he has set up a Working Group. Thank you again for your support & I agree with all your thoughtful and comprehensive comments. Maybe you could fwd to Cllr Gibbons (email address above) to help the cause? All best, Sian


Hi Sian, thank you for your misleading message.

After I was elected in 2018 I heard from such a large number of people regarding the parking pressure on Thorpewood Avenue that myself, Cllr Davis and Cllr Bernards made it one of our priority issues to look into in the ward.

I set up a working group via the Forest Hill library with residents from Thorpewood Avenue and local stakeholders to discuss the matter and work with the Council to try and find a solution.

I’ll try and keep this brief, but the lower section of Thorpewood Avenue suffers from significant parking pressure. However, this parking pressure eases ‘somewhat’ towards Kirkdale and in part due to a large number of properties with driveways in the area, a Forest hill CPZ covering this area was resoundingly rejected during a consultation a couple of years ago. A very small CPZ on the lower section of Thorpewood Avenue alone would not be feasible for several reasons.

The “three residents” comment was SPECIFICALLY related to the matter of inconsiderate parking and congestion during school drop offs (primarily outside Eliot Bank school). This is related to general parking pressure (there are not many available parking spaces for parents etc) but it is primarily caused by the sudden large volume of arrivals generated by parents driving their kids to school and not using sustainable transport. It is a problem outside almost all schools across the borough.

Three residents have ceaselessly complained about congestion outside Eliot Bank school at drop-offs and my remark was related to this matter. Intervention such as road closures at school drop off times will only be considered when observations and complaint numbers reflect a very serious case.

On the school time congestion, further action has been triggered. I have kept on pushing the matter onto the agenda of our Highways Team. Those in our working group, for example, will know what work I have done in putting ‘School Streets’ on Lewisham Council’s Agenda.

Our next meeting of the working group will be on Thursday 10th October at 7pm, in the Community Room in the Forest Hill Pools. Any resident impacted by concerns in this thread are welcome to come along.

Lewisham Council is very aware of the parking pressure on the lower section of Thorpewood Avenue and understands its severity. However, a solution to the problem is difficult. Residents need to vote in favour of a CPZ to tackle legitimate parking pressure, and enforcement will always be hit and miss for illegal parking, as we do not have the budget to have wardens on every corner, every minute of the day.

I will certainly contact officers about this vehicle and see if we can ticket it, the next time it appears.

Cllr Leo Gibbons


It’s no longer just outside the library. For the last few weeks numerous cars have started parking outside the job centre all over the pavement and playing loud music/shouting for hours on end late into the night. What can be done about this?

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I attach this as an example - they were there for around 2 hours from 11:30pm to 1:30am on Friday


I walked back on Friday night about 22.00/22.30 and similarly noticed several cars parked on pavement along that patch of road, albeit at that point not playing music. Unfortunately didn’t take pictures as evidence.

The parking on pavement issue is one that Lewisham don’t address. I have been banging on to LBL about parking on pavements for years - literally years - but Lewisham say they can’t enforce against it. I fear that the nice new pavements outside the library will go the way of our neglected and frankly dangerous pavements on Kirkdale. Here are just a few of the images I’ve sent to Lewisham over the years …