Very loud music on Dartmouth Road

Anyone know what the incredibly loud music that seems to be emanating from somewhere behind the Sylvan Post is? We can feel it two streets away coming through our walls.

Update. Still going on, Met Police (frustratingly but understandably) unable to help and Lewisham environmental control dept doesn’t work weekends. Definitely emanating from a house behind the Sylvan Post.

I was wondering the same. Think it’s one of the houses behind the job centre. I can’t hear myself think. Someone with a soundsystem I think as it’s not distorting even though it’s so incredibly loud. P!ssss me off when people think everyone else wants to hear them DJ.


Sorry to hear that. I can see one of the large speakers and people in the garden of the house bordering the small estate behind Sylvan Post. It must be absolute hell if you close by. We’re on the other side of Dartmouth Road and can hear it in our home.
Horrible behaviour and sadly outside of the remit of our council. I even contacted Southwark Council on the advice of the Met Police who were sympathetic but couldn’t help.

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It’s going to be a long night! Thanks to the selfish party people :confused:


Outrageous that nothing can be done. A prime example of anti-social behaviour and a total lack of consideration. Situations like this can lead to inflamed confrontations and all that can follow from that.


It is absolutely WITHIN the remit of the Council, actually their responsibility. They have decided, however, that noise enforcement is something optional that can be cut.


Finally stopped shortly after 11pm - hopefully calls to police by us and others may have led to them stopping by for a not-so quiet word.


I’m not sure but I think on weekends you can effectively play music as loud as you like until 11pm - so even if Lewisham council had a team that actually operated during the hours you need them, it would likely not have been much different.

However I do wonder if their is a limit on sound volume / equipment that can be used even before 11pm.

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But this was at Glastonbury levels - hugely antisocial behaviour.

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I’m not arguing with you to be clear - I agree. I am just wondering if there is an actual limit to the sound if it is before 11pm.

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It’s safe to assume they do not send out any letter unless you have evidence to the contrary.

Unless the police tell you they will attend, I think safe to assume they will not.

I think that a judicial review would find that Lewisham Council is in breach of its obligations.

They used to lend out noise recording machines.

This was someone that I know that had a one off party and all was done by 11pm. I honestly don’t see what the problem was on a Saturday night when pubs are open anyway, they turned down the music at a certain time too. I have witnessed loud music in the middle of the night on D Rd on a week day which kept me up during the night when I had work in the morning and my son up when he had School in the morning (3/4am)

I didn’t witness or hear this music but from what I know it was turned off at 11pm so don’t see why this can be anti-social.

Anti-social people wouldn’t give a damn about the time.

This is only my opinion but lets get this in perspective to someone that would have this going on all night long or the person that stopped their yearly party music at a decent time on a Saturday night.


Pauline the problem is the music sounded like a commercial dj apparently playing with full speakers at a very high volume in their garden from the afternoon onwards. No one knew what time of night it might end. No party needs their music turned up that loud. As you say you did not witness how loud it was and its daft to say it is ok on a saturday night as we all know people who work on weekends and have to get up early. As it happens the music did stop at 11pm which we were all relieved about but for all we knew it could have gone on all night and without knowing the exact location It was impossible to find out what time it would finish. It is antisocial at any time of day to play music so loud that we could hear it in our own homes even with our windows closed and above our own conversation and that is wrong day or night. Glad to hear it won’t be a regular event but perhaps the answer is the next time your friends have a party they can invite the whole of Dartmouth Road so we can all be there as we already felt we were but without the benefit of the food or drink.


We live in century yard and there is a similar event every summer in that garden which usually goes on until silly o’clock in the morning, with rave horns, commercial PA system etc, so I was pleased it finished when it did.


I personally do not have a problem with private parties, which are normally only an annual event. However, there have been cases of people having paid parties for profit. Obviously, these occur at least weekly.

I also have no issues, per se, with any private parties, but I do take issue, as had been the case in the past, when ear-splittingly loud music is being played at 3am in a suburban garden.


So let me start by saying IT WAS MY PARTY !!! yes u could hear it cos i have a good set with a professional DJ. No one can say they came and spoke to us because they didnt, the police didnt attend at all and there is never any trouble we have personal licence holders on site and why would i hire a venue wen i have such a beautiful garden and I did inform my neighbours who had no problems with my annual party. You all have NO LIFE ! Still complaining 2 days later complaining Bout music late before it was even late ! I have spoke to local buisness’s and no complaints . Any one need a dj feel free to contact me


I was at the party. Yes it was loud but not deafening, I was sat by the speakers (with my granddaughter) and could still have a conversation. I’m also in the position to speak of the noise coming from the bird in hand as I used to manage it!
Seriously people, get a life! It was a birthday family BBQ not an illegal rave. All done and dusted by midnight.