Perry Vale 66-room hotel on All Inn One site



I don’t think you can assume hotel guests who use the car park will follow commuter patterns of usage. Why would they all be coming out at the same time? They’ll be going different places, to arrive at different times. Some will be tourists using FH as a cheap base and mostly using public transport into central London and only exiting the car park at the end of their stay. Some business users will be doing the same.


Inclined to agree- although I think most people would come by public transport. Business users driving in would still have to make an arduous journey though one part of London or another. Those driving seem to stay further out in places with good connections in my (limited) experience- near City airport for example.


Hi everyone,

My name’s Sam Hancock - I’m a reporter for EastLondonLines. I’m writing a piece about this application to build a hotel; I was wondering if anyone would like to give me a comment for my piece?

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After considerable discussion, the Forest Hill Society planning committee have written an objection to the planning application for the demolition of the All Inn One and replacement with a 6 storey hotel.


Do we know what the consequences of this objection will have to the current owner’s sale prospects? Presumably if the objection is considered it would delay their selling and have personal implications?


My understanding is that the sale of the building has already been agreed and it is not subject to planning permission being given.

However, let’s consider the possibility that this is not the case. It is right that the council properly weigh up the appropriate use of the building subject to planning regulations. I would hate to be accused of supporting or objecting to a proposal to financial benefit an individual - especially somebody I have known for many years and regard as a friend. The view of the Forest Hill Society is based on what we think is right in terms of planning rules and in the context of this building, the amenity it provides, and its relationship with its neighbours - these are our concerns - not the financial well-being of the current owner/operators of the pub, the new owner/developer, or any individual in the community.

All that having been said, there is a bad scenario which is possible - that the pub closes and nothing happens for months or years. I hope that if the planning application is rejected that the developer quickly submits a new proposal that takes account of some of the criticism and concerns in the objections. We have seen many cases where this has happened thanks to the intervention of the Forest Hill Society or others (including a development on Wood Vale by the same developer).


Thanks for the response, that makes a lot of sense :slight_smile:
I do love that pub and those who run it, I hope what comes in its place does the space and neighbourhood justice as before.
Thumbs up to the Forest Hill Society for your considered objection.


The land registry tells me it is currently owned by Richard and Julia, who paid £600k on 30 July 2009 and Lloyds are the lenders.


They’d be coming out at the same time because all hotels have a time in the morning that the room has to be vacated by plus a parking ticket has to be purchased at 8am to continue leaving your car there. And we are talking about potentially 66 rooms - not a B&B.

As people who use that stretch of Perry Vale in the morning will know, it doesn’t take much of a blockage for the road to be quickly queued back past the primary school which then spreads to Westbourne Drive as drivers U-turn and cut through Church Vale


Not everyone stays one night only and not everyone drives, in fact the proportion of hotel guests in London arriving in their own car should be relatively low, though possibly higher in Zone 3 than in Central London.

You’ve mentioned how busy Perry Bale gets, and because of this it seems very unlikely that a few hotel guests leaving by car, let’s say 20, will be even noticable. I don’t know the latest vehicle counts for that stretch of road but having done such counts before 2000 in both directions combined would seem like a realistic number to me, so 20 of that which I think is probably too high anyway would equate 1%.

Hope that helps to diffuse any fears about road traffic impact.