Perry Vale 66-room hotel on All Inn One site



I don’t think you can assume hotel guests who use the car park will follow commuter patterns of usage. Why would they all be coming out at the same time? They’ll be going different places, to arrive at different times. Some will be tourists using FH as a cheap base and mostly using public transport into central London and only exiting the car park at the end of their stay. Some business users will be doing the same.


Inclined to agree- although I think most people would come by public transport. Business users driving in would still have to make an arduous journey though one part of London or another. Those driving seem to stay further out in places with good connections in my (limited) experience- near City airport for example.


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My name’s Sam Hancock - I’m a reporter for EastLondonLines. I’m writing a piece about this application to build a hotel; I was wondering if anyone would like to give me a comment for my piece?

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