Planning a Funeral for Stefania


R.I.P Stephanie, passed away at 7pm, Wed 3rd July 2019

May her spirit continue to touch the lives of many and may we be humbled by the lady that had nothing and yet managed to smile and put a smile on so many other faces and be forever grateful for the little she did have.

it has touched myself and my friend Donna’s hearts to see SE23 (Forest Hill ) rallying together to pay their respects and share lovely memories of Stephanie.
we are proud to say that Stephanie was one of our closest friends and we were probably the best friends she had recently and are so fortunate, actually, PRIVILEGED to have been blessed with her company and uplifting spirit

I could go on all day about Stephanie and how tragic it is that she lost her life many years before she should have…

However, the issue is that this beautiful lady deserves and MUST have a funeral…

She made it clear that she is against cremation… the thought of it terrified her. Stephanie deserves to be buried in a way that she always wanted and expected.

if anyone reading this could possibly start a crowd funding page to give Stephanie the burial she wanted and deserves, please let us know how or assist us in doing so before she becomes yet another homeless pile of ashes to be swept under the rug… Please let her memory be respected and treasured.

thanks guys.

Anna and Donna.


Is there any way to contact her Italian family to let them know and ask if her family would like to be involved as they may like to be consulted.


Firstly, I am so sorry for the loss of your special friend - it’s clear the community here are all heartbroken to receive such tragic news.

I am sure, like me, many others will be more than happy to help raise the funds required to give Stefania a proper burial, and the goodbye she deserves. there are lots of details that need to be addressed though in a situation like this to ensure everything is done properly. If you are happy to discuss, please reply to me and we can find a way to get in direct contact.

We will do everything we can to ensure Stefania doesnot disappear into the ‘system’ and be forgotten about.


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Anna and Donna, So sorry for the loss of your lovely friend, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
As mentioned in the various threads on the forum lots of us want to do something but it seems, we are at a bit of a loss as to what we can or should do.
Others may disagree but I think this awful, awful loss would be even more devasting if Stefani were not able to have the funeral or goodbye that she wanted.
@antoniousprime, aware that you have already reached out but also throwing my hat in to help and ensure that not only do we do all we can to say goodbye respectfully but also never forget her.
@Forestbird I think I heard in the subway earlier that her family are aware and agree they should very much be consulted.


Thanks for also reaching out - and of course, I should have stressed that the Family need to be the ones to make the decisions around Stefanias burial, and that we all support, not direct.

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Hi, it will be her family that will be making that decision about her final resting. All we can do is support that by fundraising, since it is quite expensive given her situation, this is where we as a community can be supportive and show our concern.


Hi Anna and Donna, I just posted a message that Vicar Ed will set up a go fund me page, I will let you know if I hear first. Thank you for posting this, we are a community that care deeply about her passing.

Hi, who is behind this go fund me page link? I am interested in knowing since I definitely want the funds to go to the right people. Thanks everyone Debbie


This was passed to us by Clare on FB:

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Crowdfunder update: £1177 raised by 65 people in five hours


As she was Italian, I guess she was probably from a Roman Catholic background? If so, I guess she might have wanted (or her family might want) a Roman Catholic funeral. But I am sure Ed has this on board.

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Yes she is Italian and I offered to take her to a Catholic church last week but she did not want to. Dee Yeadon and Edd will be contacted but in the meantime I will be making some enquiries from one or two key people who may be able to assist in this area. Still no one seems to have contact details of her family. I will contact the Italian Embassy on Monday. I had a lot of dealings on a personal level with Stefania over the last month or so. I will make every effort to see if we can make contact with her family.


Please dm me re: family

Hi Ollyz if you have information on the family please could you email me, thank you

hi guys thankyou for yr.thoughts n’ love n’ consideration. yh it really is a blow to yr. stomach. such a sad,sad story. but if you wish to help or contribute please donate to the memorial fund. we think the reverend is responsible as far as I know.being roman Catholic, so important she has a funeral kind regùards Donna with love

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Memorial fund update:

Thanking Rev. Edd for his support:

We are pleased to let you know that Rev. Edd Stock from Holy Trinity is supporting us in this fundraiser.

He is still working on liaising with Stefania’s family on the continent as to their wishes. If they are not contactable or able to make arrangements for Stefania’s funeral, it may cost us up to £4000 to ensure there is a service for her. I have edited to clarify we will be fundraising in case of this eventuality, do get in touch in the case of any issues. As Stefania was Catholic, Rev. Edd is liaising with local Catholic churches in the area. Please can I take this opportunity to thank him and Holy Trinity for their work for our friend.

We hope that even after this we will have enough for a fund in Stefani’s memory to help local people. So please keep sharing and do get in touch if you would like to be involved.

Your generosity has been amazing - over £2000 in less than 24 hours. Thank you too to Martin Anderson for leaving this lovely photo of Stefani for us.

With love,

Clare x


Thank you Clare for organising, and for the generous and thoughtful Forest Hill residents (and beyond) who donated:


I’m a native Italian speaker and can help speaking with Stefania’s family if you have their contact details.


Thank you for your offer

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Stefania was a lovely soul- hopefully at peace now - saw her most days - it’s great to see so many people do care - lots of love people of forest hill- xx