Police to pro-actively tackle Halloween “Ride Outs”


Continuing the discussion from Moped Mafia strikes again:

Good news: looks like the police will clamp down on the ridiculous Halloween Ride Out this year:


Totally unenforceable


We’ll see. The police have deployed some new and pretty firm-handed tactics on the moped mafia. I expect they’ll have a pretty solid response for the Ride Out too. Hopefully some stingers.


By all means, going for the morons that want to ruin people’s evenings by riding on pavements and ignoring road traffic laws is fair enough.

But indiscriminately targeting those who aren’t causing any problems and are riding out together as like minded individuals is ridiculous.


Ross, I used to go on ride out’s. We kept within the law. The Halloween ride outs dont really do so. Please Google UK Halloween ride outs, lots on there including http://www.bikelife.tv/tag/halloween-rideout/

I am sure the police have better things to do than target bikers riding around not causing an issue. However, when it comes to large groups up to no good, why shouldn’t they be targeted?


yup agree. I go on ride outs with friends but I want to get out of London as quickly as possible onto some nice twisties. …but Halloween ride in London - no chance. The problem is they are like minded people because they all want to act like numpties and thats their sole purpose. Getting any type of insurance around here is getting harder and harder so the more the police can do to put off these people off the better.


Couldn’t agree with you more. These are hooligans who happen to use scooters, bikes and quads.


Totally agree with you. Live and let live.


Yeah, live and let live!



Let’s put my comments in context shall we? This is what I was agreeing…[quote=“Ross, post:4, topic:10661”]
But indiscriminately targeting those who aren’t causing any problems and are riding out together as like minded individuals is ridiculous


Dozens out of the thousands that are going out tonight. Says it all.

No doubt that other ride outs by predominantly white middle class groups won’t receive this kind of harassment.


In that case fair enough.


Absolute rubbish. Tell me Ross, with balaclavas, helmets and riding gear how do the police pick and choose between white and black bikers.

I have heard some pretty inventive ways to play the race card but this takes the biscuit.


Lets keep comments on race and class out of this please.


Ok. I’ll try again.

I doubt groups like the Triumph owners club or Porsche owners clubs receive this level of harassment when they organise meets ups or ride/drive outs.


I very much doubt either of those clubs ride, or drive, in the manner shown in Halloween Rideout’s Ross. I can’t remember seeing a 911 riding the wrong way up a road driven by a balaclavas wearing driver filled by a couple of 944’s and Boxeters. Maybe you have.

As for Triumphs, most don’t make more than half a mile before breaking down.

So are you going on the ride out Ross?


Not tonight. My poor cub is with the mechanic at the moment and I’ve got a ticket to the Chelsea game.


No chance the Triumph Owners Club will be riding in London on Halloween… As a biker - riding in London especially south eat London has no appeal - you do it to get from a-b… If you organise a ride out you do it to get out of London . Why go out on halloween? why not go out tomorrow ?.. is it to be a nuisance and intimidate people?.. If you don’t ride like a plonker don’t see why you would worry.


Police will never stop it. They can’t. Because bikes are allowed on roads. They will try to disrupt it if there is crime/ disorder though, I’d imagine by breaking it up into smaller groups and carrying out a few arrests, probably involving stingers, before trawling their footage and scooping up a load more in the next few weeks.

If you were riding legally, they wouldn’t really be able to stop you (and I daresay you wouldn’t ride off if they tried).

Direction to Leave Notice issued for Erith Town Centre and surrounding areas from 3pm to midnight. Might be related.


They used to have bike rides somewhere in Croydon. I think they have stopped them now because someone got killed.