[Poll] Forest Hill Mural - Choose a Design (Round 1)

Forest Hill will soon be sporting a new crowdfunded mural in the railway underpass (details here).

After a call for design submissions, we received a design from @Lionel and also a version of this design tweaked by @armadillo to feature the famous Horniman walrus. There were no more costed submissions received before the deadline.

Check out the options and please vote for your favourite in the poll below.

Option 1: Traditional

Design by @Lionel

Option 2: Traditional, with a touch of Walrus

A tweak of @Lionel’s design by @armadillo, featuring the famous Horniman walrus


Note: this option adds a further £250 to the cost (extra colours for Walrus and extra marking out time as the horizontal design uses the brickwork for quicker marking out).

Place Your Votes!

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Polling ends on January 1st 2018

We’ll then have a second quick round of voting to choose the variant.

In the event that voting is not strongly in favour of any one design or variant (45%-55% spread, the artist @Lionel will be offered the final say).

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Do we have Lionel’s permission to tweak his idea? The Forest Hill looks a bit squashed…

Yes - ‘a touch of Walrus’ was listed with permission from @Lionel with agreement to paint it if it ended up being the chosen design (agreement from an artist to actually paint the work was a requirement of all submissions).

Although, I’m sure @Lionel will do a much better job of adapting his design than my shoddy paintshop skills allow :slight_smile:


Also just in case it’s not 100% clear - if you are voting for the walrus option there will then be a second vote to decide whether the sign will be slanted (shown in the main image) or horizontal (in the design variant image). And the colour will also be subject to a further vote whichever option wins.

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I pressed the wrong button! I want the walrus!
Can I change it?
Horizontal looks much better.


Yup, you can change your vote. If the results are showing, click “Hide results”

…then choose your desired option

In terms of size, Option 1 looks way too big. I would recommend keeping it to the size shown in Option 2, so more space above and below. Even at that size, given it’s bright blue and yellow, it definitely won’t be missed.

Re Option 2, most definitely not the sign at an angle! The sign being the strongest visual element, it will just look way off square, especially from a distance where the walrus is less noticeable. Also, and I know it’s only been Photoshopped, but if the (straight) walrus is chosen it will need to be darker and integrate more with the sign, so shadows added behind the tusks and on the body where the sign sits.

Were there only those two designs submitted?
It’s kinda cute and 19th century looking but not that exciting given it’s pretty much the same as the other designs in neighbouring areas…

Yes, these were the only two designs submitted with an artist lined up, and a quote provided.

We approached other artists. One of them responded to say:

Bear in mind we do want to organise more murals at other sites in Forest Hill - the designs for those are totally up for grabs!

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We will do a “round 2” vote to choose between straight/slanted (if walrus wins) and blue/burgundy.

Regarding your other points - here’s Lionel’s comment from a separate topic:


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The walrus should be painted on the other side of the bridge to preserve the consistent look of Lionel’s signs throughout the borough.

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I’d rather have a sign that was individual to FH, and not a continuation of those in several other places around the district, excellent as they are. But we don’t have an option for that, for reasons explained. Accordingly, my vote has to include the walrus.


These two wishes are not mutually exclusive.

Mark my words, this will not be the last mural commissioned in Forest Hill.

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I’ve registered a vote by accident. I was only trying to enlarge the image.

I kind of like the Walrus version but I have reservations about the fact that the grey body doesn’t stand out enough from the brickwork; and I think the traffic pollution will lose even more definition. So would some sort of outline around the Walrus work perhaps?

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@Anotherjohn This isn’t the finished design. Just a quick photoshop job for illustration.


Also - as Chris noted above, you can change your vote if desired. If the results are showing, click “Hide results”


…then choose your desired option

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Thank you both.

“I have reservations about the fact that the grey body doesn’t stand out enough from the brickwork; and I think the traffic pollution will lose even more definition. So would some sort of outline around the Walrus work perhaps?”

i agree, and am thinking lighting here, crowdfunder stretch target maybe?

I like the sign with walrus but I feel that with walrus, the sign itself ‘announcing’ Forest Hill will end up looking quite a lot smaller than other locations with similar signage and with the text ‘squashed’ (as @anon22025233jsh observes that it is above). It could result in it looking ‘lost’ on that wall.