[Poll] Forest Hill Mural - Choose a Design (Round 1)



I love the fact that the FH sign could possibly be slightly different to all other SE London signs.

It might just be me but I think FH is kinda special & would love our sign to have a Forest Hill Community edge to it.


The issue of differentiation is important - it may even be at the core of our individual identities and our community’s essence.

But avoiding falling in to the trap of one-up-man-ship is also key to being neighbourly.

Catford has distinguished itself - its approach has been unique - it has done the bridge - and then some - by extending their mural to incorporate the butterflies and galloping greyhounds.


New mock-up from @Lionel:

I’m a fan!


Love it!!


Me too!


There should be a walrus included to make us a little bit different from everyone else. I love the new mockup with the sign straight and the tusks hanging over. SO please to see this happening at last. I read it was turned down originally by the bridge owners some time ago.


That’s the difference an artist makes! :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Is it worth updating the main post with the mock-up @Lionel has provided, as my crude mock-up clearly doesn’t do justice to what he can do for the ‘touch of Walrus’ variant!


Your mock-up is on :fire: !


I love it !!!


I liked your version too. The main reason for the fame of the Horniman Walrus is that it’s not realistic so we can’t have one that’s straight if Blue Planet II

Having said that, Lionel’s looks amazing


I know a walrus cannot be copyrighted - but has a sense check been made with Horniman’s on image rights.


Well, now, the Horniman Walrus is only unrealistic in his overstuffing. He still looks like a walrus, especially his head, because that’s what he is.


@ChrisBeach Is there any way to pin the poll separate from this discussion? I keep scrolling back to see where we are at!


Yes, me too! I did consider closing the poll to replies for that very reason, but I’m glad I didn’t as the conversation has been great. We could split the conversation into a separate topic maybe?

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It’s a fair question but I think @HornimanMuseum is broadly supportive of the content of @Armadillo/@Lionel’s design:


Thanks - I was just trying to work out how to link to that tweet on here from my phone - go #TeamWalrus! :grin:


:musical_note:We are the Walrus goo goo ge joob :notes:


Love a good choon.



Fantastic! Changed my mind now!